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Article Example
Project Snowblind Project: Snowblind is a first-person shooter video game developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Eidos Interactive. It was originally conceived as a multiplayer-focused third game in the "Deus Ex" series, "Deus Ex: Clan Wars", but after the less than expected commercial performance of "", it was decided to set the game in its own universe. Nevertheless, it remains a spiritual sequel to "Deus Ex" and retains many visible and conceptual links to its progenitors.
Project Snowblind "Project: Snowblind"'s multiplayer mode features several of the gameplay elements found in the game's single-player campaign, including drivable vehicles, the ability to operate and hack cameras and turrets on the battlefield, and the ability to use augmentation powers.
Project Snowblind Yan Lo, who believes that technology has made humankind weak, plans to detonate EMP bombs in New York, Paris, and Hong Kong thus shutting down much of humankind's technological civilization and plunging the world into another dark age.
Snowblind (film) Snowblind is a 2010 independent film about a post-apocalyptic world after an ice-age devastated civilization.
Snowblind (film) The film was released in 2010, and was produced by Mangofilm. It was also released on Blu-ray and in 3D. It is made free for personal distribution on torrent sites under the Creative Commons License, as long as money is not charged.
Project Snowblind The game takes place in the year 2065 in Hong Kong. The city is suddenly attacked by a hostile force known as the Republic, led by a rogue Chinese general named Yan Lo. An international peacekeeping force stationed in Hong Kong, known as the Liberty Coalition, is tasked with defending the island from the invasion.
Project Snowblind In a last-ditch attempt to stop Project: Snowblind, Frost launches a final assault on the facility where the EMP bombs are being prepared for distribution, aided by all surviving Coalition soldiers. Frost succeeds in destroying the facility, while the soldiers stayed at the entrance, holding off the enemy reinforcements.
Project Snowblind The game received "favorable" reviews on all platforms according to video game review aggregator Metacritic. It was criticized for its short length and inactive multiplayer, but was praised for its surprisingly entertaining gameplay.
Snowblind Studios Snowblind Studios was a video game developer located in Kirkland, Washington. They were founded in 1997, specializing in RPGs. In 2009, Snowblind Studios was acquired by Time Warner, through its Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment division. In 2010, the studio (along with studio Surreal Software) was physically relocated to Monolith. After the release of "", the team was merged in with Monolith Productions to developing and the game released in September 30, 2014.
Snowblind (film) In this post-apocalyptic spaghetti western, a governor pardons a gunslinger sentenced to death, in order to have him kill another gunslinger. He doesn't tell about the girl; complications ensue.