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Andrus Kivirähk By 2004, 25,000 copies of his book "Rehepapp ehk November" ("Old Barny aka November") had been sold, making him the most popular 21st century Estonian writer. His new book "Mees, kes teadis ussisõnu" ("The Man Who Spoke Snakish") (2007) has been one of the top selling books in Estonia.
Estonian literature But prose also flourishes. Over recent years, the work of Rein Raud has won him both numerous awards at home and international acclaim. His most notable books include "The Reconstruction", the story of a dying father trying to find out the circumstances of his daughter's suicide in a religious cult (2012, in English 2017, Dalkey Archive Press) and "The Brother" (2008, in English 2016, Open Letter Books), called by the author "a spaghetti Western in poetic prose". Andrus Kivirähk has skilfully combined his comic talent and ethno-fantasy in "The Man Who Spoke Snakish" (2007, in English 2015, Grove Press). Indrek Hargla is a prolific writer of several kinds of genre fiction including sci-fi, fantasy and crime. His reputation relies mainly on his Apothecary Melchior series, set in medieval Tallinn. Besides Kaur Kender (1971), whose finest hour was in 1998 with the debut novel "Iseseisvuspäev" ("Independence Day"), a younger generation is appearing. Sass Henno (1982) stays in the Chuck Palahniuk-influenced tradition of Kaur Kender. Chaneldior wrote a quintessential novel in the manner of Bret Easton Ellis called "Kontrolli alt väljas" ("Out of Control") in 2008 and Peeter Helme's (1978) second novel "September" (2009) received critical acclaim for its realistic description of life in Tallinn's office environments as existed at the dawn of this new millennium.