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sulochana_chatterjee    0.934562

tarun_bose    0.925562

shobha_khote    0.923422

manhar_desai    0.922079

chand_usmani    0.921631

sabita_chatterjee    0.921487

yogeeta_bali    0.919918

rameshwari    0.918336

leela_chitnis    0.917810

rajan_haksar    0.917617

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Article Example
Baap Re Baap The film starred Kishore Kumar, Smriti Biswas, Chand Usmani, Jayant, Ulhas and Leela Mishra.
Sailaab Released in April 1956, it stars Geeta Bali, as Kanchan and Abhi Bhattacharya as Gautam. Smriti Biswas, Helen and Bipin Gupta also costar.
C. H. Atma He also acted in two movies as hero, namely, 'Bhaisahab' (1954)(with Poornima and Smriti Biswas) and 'Bilwamangal'(with Suraiya) (1954)
Chandni Chowk (film) Produced by Prince Hira Sinh of Baria and Goverdhandas Aggarwal under the banner of Hira Films, the director of photography was Keki Mistry. The film starred Meena Kumari, Shekhar, Kumar, Jeevan, Smriti Biswas and Achala Sachdev. The main hero Shekhar was one of the less appreciated lead actors of the 1940s and 1950s but has been cited as a "master of realistic portrayals" usually cast in "mid-budget films".
Chandni Chowk (film) The film is set in the early 1920s in the Chandni Chowk area of Delhi. Nawab Safdarjung (Kumar) has a young daughter Zarina (Meena Kumari), who he’s keen to get married off. One of the applicants for her hand in marriage is the young Nawab Akbar (Shekhar) of Lucknow. After the wedding takes place, Nawab Safdarjung is informed by Ibrahim Beg (Jeevan) that Akbar is in fact the gardener’s son. The plot to introduce Akbar as a Nawab was conceived by Ibrahim to teach the arrogant Nawab a lesson when he refused his newly rich neighbour, Yusuf 's (Agha) proposal to marry Zarina, by haughtily declining it for him being a mere vegetable vendor. Angry on learning about the subterfuge, the Nawab calls off the marriage. Zarina however, decides to go to her in-laws house as she now considers Akbar her husband. Akbar leaves for Egypt in the hope of earning money. He finds a job there and soon gets entangled with a dancer Noorie (Smriti Biswas), who falls in love with him. Noorie creates grave misunderstandings in Zarina's life when she reads Zarina's letter to Akbar. She sends off a wire informing the in-laws that Akbar is dead. Finally Noorie dies telling Akbar about the misunderstanding created, and Akbar returns home to his bride.