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Cloverfield At there are reviews for a Japanese restaurant called Garbanzos in Norway that mention Tagruato, Slusho! and Seabed Nectar.
Cloverfield The drink Slusho! served as part of the viral marketing campaign. The drink had already appeared in producer Abrams' previous creation, the TV series "Alias". Websites for Slusho! and were launched to add to the mythology of "Cloverfield". The Japanese phone number in the Tagruato website did work, but only played recorded messages. For example, one of the messages was: ""Thank you for calling Tagruato. Due to high call volumes, your call has been transferred to an automated answering service. There are no updates at this time. After the tone, please leave a message, and one of our associates will find you as soon as possible"". A building bearing the company logo for Tagruato can also be seen in the TV spot of the 2009 "Star Trek" film, and Uhura orders a Slusho! during the bar scene. When "Cloverfield" was hosted at Comic-Con 2007, gray Slusho! T-shirts were distributed to attendees. Fans who had registered at the Slusho! website received e-mails of fictional sonar images before the film's release that showed a deep-sea creature heading toward Manhattan. Fans who ordered merchandise received pieces of torn Tagruato documents and Japanese newspapers along with their products. Slusho! has also appeared in "Fringe" and "Heroes".
List of Cloverfield characters Yuki is a famous popstar in the "Cloverfield" universe. He is first introduced in the second chapter promoting the Slusho! drink. Aiko Sasahara admires Yuki's performances and was surprised that Kishin has some connections to him.
Cloverfield/Kishin The manga has a stronger focus on the viral-marketing materials such as Slusho! and Tagruato than the film. There are several new revelations regarding the nature and biology of the monster.
List of Cloverfield characters Jamie Lascano (played by Jaime Harlan) is Marlena's roommate and a friend of Rob Hawkins. She has a boyfriend, named Teddy Hanssen, who disappeared. She made 11 videos which were made available before the film's release on, of which the password is "jllovesth". In one of the videos she consumes a chemical substance that she received and it affects her in the same way a stimulant would, it is suggested on other marketing tie-ins that it is an ingredient in Slusho! drinks. She was seen in the film at Rob's leaving party, passed out on a couch. She was pronounced dead by the U.S. Department of Defense.
List of Cloverfield characters Seemingly, according to the tie-in manga "Cloverfield/Kishin", and hinted at slightly by the viral marketing websites, a Japanese oil-drilling company known as Tagruato (of which Slusho!, where Rob was supposed to work, is a subsidiary company) captured the monster for unknown reasons. In the manga, the monster has some kind of biological connection to Kishin Aiba, the main character, due to a result of tampering and experimentation of their cells. Kishin Aiba is able to control the monster without it harming him, thinking that the child is its kin or brethren.
Cloverfield/Kishin In the second part, Mr. Aiba in the Tagruato headquarters gives an ominous warning about the events about to happen. After hearing it all on a news broadcast, Kishin and Aiko set off for shelter, the two bond together along the way. They arrive in Aiba's apartment, to acquire autographs from one of the popstars that promotes the drink Slusho! at the behest of Aiko. Kishin, reluctant at first, sees medical records of himself. The two come into an encounter with a mysterious cult intending to use Kishin in a twisted experiment or a dark ritual that heavily ties him to the monster and some of Tagruato and Slusho!'s darker intentions, the two separate after a struggle with the cult. Aiko encounters the military and tells them to help Kishin, but they tell her that they'll only do it if she leaves with the rest of the troops to a nearby shelter. Aiko goes to the shelter, however they ignore her demand. Aiko vows to rescue Kishin. The cult is depicted bearing masks that resembles the monster's face and carries beads or charms that holds the design of the monster's claws at every member's person.
List of Cloverfield characters Aiko Sasahara is Kishin Aiba's classmate. She keeps an uptight attitude and is optimistic despite her troubled past with her parents. Her father died two years prior to the story and her mother is an abusive drunk who exploits her husband's finances over their daughter's well-being, she is determined to live her life on her own terms, she has a deep fear for rodents/mice, as seen in the recent chapter. She escapes the school with Kishin after hearing a report on the monster's rampage on the coastlines of Japan, she bonds with Kishin by discussing his personal conflicts to one of Slusho!'s stars promoting the drink, Yuki. They arrive at Kishin's residence where two unknown men from a cult comes looking for Kishin, she tries to seek help but to no avail and is last seen being escorted to a shelter by the cult's underlings, but her mind is still set on saving Kishin. She is thrown out of the shelter by the very same group that bullies Kishin and is last seen fighting off the parasites before coming to view Kishin and the monster causing destruction in Japan. Unlike Kishin, she has good physical prowess and can fight if needed be, even able to defeat a parasite with no bites or injuries. She and Kishin has a fan following for one of the popstars promoting the product Slusho! from Tagruato named Yuki. Her role is greatly expanded in the final chapter, she helps bring Kishin's sanity back by confessing her feelings to him. She, Kishin and the bullies hold off the parasites while Kishin leaves to deal with the monster. The monster, unable to feed on the stimuli on Kishin's emotions due to his love for Aiko, leaves him in the seas of Japan, where she and the bullies rescue him while it retreats back to the oceans. The manga ends with Kishin and Aiko in embrace at the wake of the disaster.
Star Trek (film) USS "Kelvin", the ship Kirk's father serves on, is named after J.J. Abrams' grandfather, as well as the physicist and engineer Lord Kelvin (William Thomson). "Kelvin"s captain, Richard Robau (Faran Tahir), is named after Orci's Cuban uncle: Orci theorized the fictional character was born in Cuba and grew up in the Middle East. Another reference to Abrams' previous works is Slusho, which Uhura orders at the bar where she meets Kirk. Abrams created the fictitious drink for "Alias" and it reappeared in viral marketing for "Cloverfield". Its owner, Tagruato, is also from "Cloverfield" and appears on a building in San Francisco. The red matter in the film is in the shape of a red ball, an Abrams motif dating back to the pilot of "Alias".
List of Cloverfield characters Mr. Aiba is Kishin's father and husband of Mrs. Aiba. He is revealed to be head of research of Tagruato's industries and has connections to the Slusho! drink. He is callous and cares little for his son, and therefore the two are not on good terms. He is found to be the scientist in earlier chapters and saves Kishin from being killed by the cult. He reveals to Kishin his true purpose and his tie to the monster, and attempts to destroy him before the monster can get to Kishin. His attempts fail after the monster shields Kishin from harm. Mr. Aiba is the researcher and founder of the Splinter of Amnion, a biological orb that controls the monster.