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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for skowronski

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Ken Skowronski Skowronski served in the Wisconsin Air National Guard with the 128th Air Refueling Wing. Additionally, he is a member of the Knights of Columbus and Ducks Unlimited. He is a board member on the Polish Heritage Alliance of Wisconsin.
Len Skowronski Skowronski lives in Calgary, and ran as a candidate in the 2004 Alberta election as a Social Credit candidate in Calgary Varsity. He was defeated, finishing last in a field of six candidates. He contested the 2008 election in the electoral district of Calgary-Bow and again finished last in a field of six. He contested the 2009 by-election in Calgary-Glenmore, placing sixth out of seven candidates, and receiving 28 votes more than the independent candidate who placed seventh.
Ken Skowronski Ken Skowronski is a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly.
Ken Skowronski Skowronski was elected to the Assembly in 2013 in a special election following the resignation of Jeff Stone. Previously, he was elected as an alderman of Franklin, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin in 2005 and re-elected in 2008 and 2011. He is a Republican.
Len Skowronski Leonard "Len" Skowronski (born c. 1941) is the leader of the provincial Social Credit Party in Alberta, Canada. He was elected at a leadership convention held on November 3, 2007 in Red Deer to replace Lavern Ahlstrom who resigned.
Lavern Ahlstrom He resigned as leader and was replaced by Len Skowronski in November 2007.
Alberta Social Credit Party In early November 2007, Len Skowronski replaced Lavern Ahlstrom as leader of the party.
Noriko Kariya Noriko Kariya moved to Jersey City, New Jersey, where she began training with Mike Skowronski and Teddy Cruz, who have also worked with Arturo Gatti.
NEXX Skowronski and Zelle both had a passion for clubbing and dancing and were influenced by artists like Madonna, Basement Jaxx, Kylie Minogue and 1970s and 1980s disco acts. Robert Skowronski began repetitions in Stockholm for famous ABBA musical, "Mamma Mia!", where he became good friend with Johanna "Jo" Eriksson, who was also in the cast. Skowronski and Zelle searched lead female voice for band, and in short time after musical, Jo Eriksson was included in project. The band recorded new materials renamed as N.E.X., NEX and eventually NEXX and toured extensively for two years throughout Sweden, Finland and Latvia.
List of characters in the Metal Gear series Skowronski is a commander of the Red Army base in San Hieronymo. A World War II veteran and former fighter pilot, Naked Snake finds him hiding aboard a ship in the harbor that housed his fighter plane collection. It is revealed that the colonel had been drinking after Gene's men took over the base and even turned the Red Army troops against him. Skowronski dies in an attempt to kill Gene using RAXA. When it shuts down, Ursula telekinetically picks him off the cockpit and drops him to his death. Colonel Skowronski is voiced by Tetsu Inada in Japanese and by Nick Jameson in English.