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Article Example
Germantown Academy Galloway is named for early Academy trustee Joseph Galloway, a notable Philadelphia figure during the Revolution. Galloway's house colors are black and yellow and their mascot is the Griffin. (Reed Skoug)
Germantown Academy The upper school runs on a house system. Each student is placed into one of seven houses. These houses include, Alcott Day, Washington, Galloway, Osbourn, Kershaw, Truesdell, and Roberts. Each house is named after an important figure with a Germantown Academy connection. A student will stay with their house for all four years of upper school life. Each house has a house head, these teachers include, Robert Torrey, Rebecca Pizzino, Reed Skoug, David Martin, Susan Merrill, Jason Straub, and Chidi Asoluka. Over the course of a year, each house will meet twice a week, and for special events, they will compete against each other. These special events include "The Knowledge Bowl" "House Olympics" and "The Annual Spelling Bee." Each year a house cup is crowned to the house with the most amount of house points which are picked up throughout the year in the challenges above and in many others.