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schleuning    0.803469

deguzman    0.800972

altucci    0.799475

dierich    0.796220

kunzmann    0.795898

fritschy    0.795780

zumsteg    0.795310

collart    0.793175

raffeld    0.792962

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Barton Gellman Gellman lives with partner Dafna Linzer in New York City. A previous marriage to Tracy Ellen Sivitz ended in divorce in 2007. He is the father of four children: Abigail, Micah, Lil, and Benjamin Gellman.
History of the Jews in Pittsburgh Since 1882 there has been a steady increase in the number of Jews in Pittsburgh, the new settlers coming mostly from eastern Europe. Russian, Romanian, and Hungarian Jews came in large numbers, and began to display an appreciable interest in public affairs. They had six synagogues in 1906 (whose rabbis include Aaron M. Ashinsky and M. S. Sivitz), many ḥebras, and a number of small religious societies. The Pittsburgh Jewry strongly sympathized with the Zionistic movement, having a large number of Zionistic societies. The number of Jewish inhabitants in 1906 is estimated at between 15,000 and 25,000, in a total population of about 322,000.