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zygomaticotemporal    0.790874

basivertebral    0.780554

infratrochlear    0.766216

ischiadic    0.753284

genitofemoral    0.751718

fromngf    0.747357

sensationcranial    0.742768

zygomaticofacial    0.735688

pudental    0.735316

supratrochlear    0.735215

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Ventral ramus of spinal nerve Ventral rami, including the sinuvertebral nerve branches, also supply structures anterior to the facet joint, including the vertebral bodies, the discs and their ligaments, and joins other spinal nerves to form the lumbo-sacral plexus.
Meningeal branches of spinal nerve The meningeal branches of the spinal nerves (also known as recurrent meningeal nerves, sinuvertebral nerves, or recurrent nerves of Luschka) are a number of small nerves that branch from the spinal nerve near the origin of the anterior and posterior rami, but before the rami communicantes branch. They then re-enter the intervertebral foramen, and innervate the facet joints, the anulus fibrosus of the intervertebral disc, and the ligaments and periosteum of the spinal canal, carrying pain sensation. The nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral disk has no pain innervation.
Spinal nerve muscles of the back (epaxial muscles). The ventral ramus contains nerves that serve the remaining anterior parts of the trunk and the upper and lower limbs (hypaxial muscles) carrying visceral motor, somatic motor, and sensory information to and from the ventrolateral body surface, structures in the body wall, and the limbs. The meningeal branches (recurrent meningeal or sinuvertebral nerves) branch from the spinal nerve and re-enter the intervertebral foramen to serve the ligaments, dura, blood vessels, intervertebral discs, facet joints, and periosteum of the vertebrae. The rami communicantes contain autonomic nerves that serve visceral functions carrying visceral motor and sensory information to and from the visceral organs.