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proclus    0.831085

stobaeus    0.829890

statius    0.827132

manilius    0.821341

macrobius    0.816267

ammonius    0.815382

maternus    0.812701

florus    0.811279

laertius    0.808758

lactantius    0.807965

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Pope Simplicius Simplicius is credited with the construction of a church named in memory of the virgin and martyr St. Bibiana.
Pope Simplicius St. Simplicius's feast day is celebrated on 10 March, the day of his death.
Simplicius Simplicissimus It was first performed in 1948; Hartmann scored it for full orchestra in 1956. The chamber version (properly "Des Simplicius Simplicissimus Jugend") was revived by the Stuttgart State Opera in 2004.
Simplicius (operetta) Simplicius is an operetta by Johann Strauss II. It was conceived from the work of HJC von Grimmelhausen titled "Der abenteuerliche Simplicissimus" or simply "Adventurous Simplicissimus", which was opined by many to be the 17th century's greatest German novel. The libretto for this work was furnished by Victor Léon who was one of Vienna's promising talents of that era, with music by Johann Strauss II.
Simplicius (operetta) Arnim, now a student in Prague and in love with Hildegarde, has followed her to the camp where Simplicius takes him to be an enemy. In order to win Hildegarde over Arnim drops his studies and serves under the General. Hildegarde describes a dream in which two men vie for her heart and is rebuked by her father and offered bitter consolation from Schnapslotte.
Adaina simplicius The wingspan is about 10 mm. The head is pale yellowish, tinged with brownish especially on the vertex. The thorax is pale straw-yellow. The forewings are very pale straw-yellow, the costa with a few brown scales, a small patch of similarly colored scales on the costa beyond the incision and another near the center of the wing at the incision. A few more brown scales are found on the inner edge of both lobes near the apex. The hindwings are smoky.
Adaina simplicius The larvae feed on various composites, including "Carphephorus odoratissimus", "Carphephorus paniculatus", "Conoclinium coelestinum" and "Pluchea odorata". Larvae induce the formation of stem galls on their host plant, feeding and pupating within the galls.
Simplicius Simplicissimus The novel is considered by some to contain autobiographic elements, inspired by Grimmelshausen's experience in the war. The historian Robert Ergang, however, draws upon Gustav Könnecke's "Quellen und Forschungen zur Lebensgeschichte Grimmelshausens" to assert that "the events related in the novel "Simplicissimus" could hardly have been autobiographical since [Grimmelshausen] lived a peaceful existence in quiet towns and villages on the fringe of the Black Forest and that the material he incorporated in his work was not taken from actual experience, but was either borrowed from the past, collected from hearsay, or created by a vivid imagination."
Simplicius Simplicissimus PDFs of the original German-language edition, bearing the date 1669 but probably published (according to Dünnhaupt) already in 1668, may be downloaded from "the Badische Landesbibliothek Karlsruhe" and from "the Herzog-August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel".
Teragra simplicius Teragra simplicius is a moth in the Cossidae family. It is found in Kenya.