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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for sigfred

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Sigfred Sigfred also called Sigurd Hring was possibly the second official king of Denmark whose reign started no later than the 770s and ended around 800. The precise dates remains unknown.
Sigfred It has been theorized that his father was Ongendus, or Angantyr, generally believed to have been the first king of Denmark, which is problematic because there is half a century between them.
Sigfred He was most likely the father of Gudfred, who later reigned as king of Denmark.
Sigfred Madsen Sigfred Thomas Madsen (November 26, 1915 – July 14, 1966) was a Danish boxer who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics.
Sigfred Madsen In 1936 he was eliminated in the second round of the featherweight class after losing his fight to Dezső Frigyes.
Sigfred Johansen Sigfred Johansen (31 May 1908 – 18 July 1953), was a Danish film actor of the 1930s and 1940s.
Niels Sigfred Nebelong Niels Sigfred Nebelong (14 October 1806 – 9 October 1871) was a Danish architect who worked in the Historicist style. He was city architect in Copenhagen from 1863 and also designed many lighthouses around Denmark in his capacity as resident architect for the Danish lighthouse authority.
Niels Sigfred Nebelong After a few years as a teacher at the Academy, he travelled to Paris, where he studied under Henri Labrouste, and then continued to Italy and Greece, before returning to Denmark in 1842.
Niels Sigfred Nebelong Typically of the Historicist period, Nebelong worked in a number of different styles, including the late Neo-Classicism (Kolding Gymnasium, 1845–46), Gothic Revival (Slagelse Convent,1857–59), and Romanesque Revival (Viborg Cathedral, 1863–76, completed by H.B. Storck).
Niels Sigfred Nebelong Nebelong also served as resident architect for the Danish lighthouse authority, designing numerous lighthouses around the country. He also designed many town jails and court houses.