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rajnibala    0.864534

chandrima_bhaduri    0.862965

iftekar    0.857524

yash_pandit    0.856440

ramesh_sinha    0.854549

rupali_ganguly    0.854497

roopika    0.851320

kumud_tripathi    0.849851

indira_bansal    0.849575

poochasanyasi    0.847049

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David Dhawan Dhawan is married to Karuna (née Chopra) and has two sons Rohit Dhawan and Varun Dhawan. Dhawan's brother is actor Anil Dhawan and nephew is actor Siddharth Dhawan.
Sanyasi Mera Naam Sanyasi Mera Naam is a 1999 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by Imran Khalid, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Siddharth Dhawan, Shalini Kapoor, Raushni Jaffrey, Kader Khan, Milind Gunaji and Dhananjay Singh. The film also has Dharmendra in a special appearance.
Anil Dhawan He belongs to Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. His father was chief Manager in Punjab National Bank there. He did High School from ST Francis Xavier's School, Kanpur and graduated from Christ Church College, Kanpur and later obtained a diploma in acting from FTII, Pune in the same batch as Jaya Bhaduri. His son is actor Siddharth Dhawan. Director David Dhawan is his brother, another director Rohit Dhawan and actor Varun Dhawan are his nephews. Anil Dhawan has two grand children—granddaughter Anjini and grandson Karan from his son Siddharth.
Shraddha (TV series) Manoj (middle brother, played by (Siddharth Dhawan) finds Shraddha’s parents, ask for forgiveness and takes them back home. Shraddha agrees to get married to Raja (Vineet Kumar) who is actually a goon. Santosh doesn’t want it but Namrata (his wife, played by(Karuna Pandey) convinces him that otherwise she would be married to Swayam who will make her pay forever and also they will later save her from Raja. Swayam comes to know it and rushes to save Shraddha’s life. Raja is jailed, Shraddha forgives Swayam, the family is repentant and finally Shraddha Swayam get married before happiness also knocks Pratima’s life as she reveals the truth he is impotent and not her. Satya accepts her as his wife and also asks for forgiveness.