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syndactylus    0.810523

binturong    0.805147

bornean    0.804206

houbara    0.801092

tarsius    0.799793

sitatunga    0.794757

jubatus    0.793667

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hylobates    0.791143

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Siamang Two subspecies of the siamang may exist. If so, they are the nominate Sumatran siamang ("S. s. syndactylus") and the Malaysian siamang ("S. s. continentis", in peninsular Malaysia). Otherwise, the Malaysian individuals are only a population. The siamang occurs sympatrically with other gibbons; its two ranges are entirely within the combined ranges of the agile gibbon and the lar gibbon.
Siamang The siamang can live to around 40 years in captivity.
Siamang Habitat disturbance affects siamang group composition; it is varied in age-sex structure between intact forest and burnt, regrown forest. The burnt, regrown forest population contained more adult and subadults than the intact forest population, which had more infants, small juveniles, and large juveniles. Infant survival rates in burnt, regrown forest groups are lower than in intact forest groups. The number of individuals in the latter is higher than in the former. The siamang in disturbed forests live in small groups and have a density lower than in intact forests because of lack of food resources and trees for living.
Siamang As a frugivorous animal, the siamang disperses seeds through defecation as it travels across its territory. The siamang can carry seed and defecate over 300 m with the shortest distance being 47.6 m from the seed resource, which supports the forest regeneration and succession.
Siamang The siamang has long, dense, shaggy hair which is the darkest shade of all gibbons. The ape has long, gangling arms that are longer than its legs. The average length of a siamang is 90 cm, but the largest they have ever grown is 1 m 50 cm. The face of this large gibbon is mostly hairless apart from a thin mustache.