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asuridia    0.631990

gumdramon    0.630929

zhzhyonov    0.621224

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Article Example
List of Digimon Fusion characters is a Wizard Digimon who serves Blastmon and is the Zone Battalion Commander of the Bagra Army within the Warrior Zone. He leads an army consisting of Ninjamon, Kotemon, Kabukimon, Caturamon, Asuramon, Shurimon, Etemon and Samudramon. He often passes his time by watching samurai movies. Jeremy used the Rare Star Sword to fight Musyamon while the Monitamon freed the Warrior Zone's princess. He tried to murder the Monitamon, only to be tackled by Sparrowmon. Musyamon, alongside Shurimon, Asuramon, and Samudramon, were destroyed by Shoutmon X5 with Hi-Vision Monitamon's help.
List of Digimon Adventure characters Digitamamon later appears in the second season, having turned over a new leaf and wants to make a good living despite repeating his past mistakes. He falls victim to a Dark Spiral but is freed by Shurimon, befriending the DigiDestined. Digitamamon later opens a new Chinese restaurant with Tapirmon, using the waters of a spring that conceals the last Destiny Stone as the secret ingredient to his popular noodle soup.