Top 10 similar words or synonyms for shining_ochreous

underside_forewing_shining_greyish    0.847607

ferruginous_brownish    0.842248

shining_greyish    0.840792

grey_abdomen_dorsally    0.840374

hindwing_shining    0.839038

ochreous_irregularly    0.835339

hindwing_shining_greyish_brown    0.821283

underside_unicolorous_grey    0.820304

cilia_ochreous    0.816950

hindwing_shining_dark    0.815973

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for shining_ochreous

Article Example
Autodectis The wingspan is about 24 mm. The forewings are shining ochreous-white, without markings. The hindwings are shining ochreous-white.
Chalarotona insincera The wingspan is 16-21 mm. The forewings are shining ochreous-white and the hindwings are light grey, the apex tinged with whitish-ochreous.
Argyresthia laricella The wingspan is 11–12 mm. The forewings are nearly immaculate, very pale shining ochreous. The hindwings are whitish ochreous. Adults are on wing from the end of June to mid-July.
Hellinsia argutus The wingspan is . The forewings are shining ochreous‑white, but more whitish near the wing base and more ochreous near the apices. The hindwings are grey‑white and the fringes are white. Adults are on wing in April, May, June and October, at altitudes from 2,000 to 3,450 m.
Scirpophaga gotoi The wingspan is 23–24 mm for males and 26–30 mm for females. The forewings are shining ochreous yellow with a dark fuscous spot at the lower angle of the cell. The hindwings are ochreous yellow. Females have an ochreous yellow anal tuft.