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Shifrin Shifrin (, ) is a matronymic Jewish surname of Yiddish origin. Notable people with the surname include:
Efim Shifrin In 1990 Efim created «Shifrin-Theatre», which he has been managing till now.
Efim Shifrin For several years in March in State Central Concert Hall «Rossia» Efim Shifrin held benefit performances with participation of stars of Russian stage: «Shifrin Ark», «WWW.SHIFRIN.RU». And in 2006 anniversary benefit performance was arranged.
Avraham Shifrin Avraham Shifrin claimed that according to the investigation of his Research Centre for Prisons, Psychprisons and Forced Labor Concentration Camps of the USSR, KAL 007 landed on water north of Moneron Island, and the passengers successfully disembarked on emergency floats. The Soviets collected them and subsequently sent them to camps with the children "separated from their parents and safely hidden in the orphan houses of one of the Soviet Middle Asian republics". According to Michel Brun this theory is not entirely preposterous. In his book he analyses the first news, communicated by CIA and South Korean government: that KAL 007 landed in Sakalin and all passengers are safe. In his careful searches, he discovered the source of this first information. It was published in a Japanese newspaper: "Mainichi Shinboun" September 1, 1983. According to him, this observation came from Wakkanai radars. So, he considers that another aircraft, probably military, landed at Sakhalin during the "Sakhalin battle" and that its passengers, American and/or South Korean, were jailed in the Soviet Union.
Efim Shifrin Efim (Nakhim) Zalmanovich Shifrin (; born March 25, 1956) is a Soviet and Russian actor, humorist, singer. Creator and artistic director "".
Efim Shifrin Repertoire of the theatre includes many songs, among which there are romances of Dmitri Shostakovich based on poems by Sasha Chiornyi, songs «Jerusalem» by Mark Minkov, «Music in Me» by Mikhail Kochetkov, «Southern Night» by Aleksandr Klevitskiy and others. In theatre he played in performances «I Do Not Know You Anymore, My Darling», «Love With Patch», «The Putas», «The Goat, or Who is Sylvia» (director Roman Viktyuk), «The Gossips» (director Vadim Dubrovitskiy). In 2006 in Teatrium at Serpukhovka the premiere of performance «The Dragon» based on the play by Evgeny Shvarts (director Vladimir Mirzoev), where Shifrin played the role of Burgomaster, took place.
Eduard Shifrin Eduard Shifrin (born 1960) is an entrepreneur, born in Dnipropetrovsk (now Ukraine), resident in London. Of Jewish ancestry, he has served as a vice-president of the World Jewish Congress since 2009.
Eduard Shifrin In "Forbes" magazine's ranking of "The World's Billionaires" in 2009 he was placed 559th with an estimated fortune of $1.3billion. In the 2006 edition of the "Sunday Times Rich List" he was listed at number 59 with an estimated wealth of £920 million.
Karin Shifrin Some of the Awards Shifrin has received over her career include:
David Shifrin David Shifrin (born January 2, 1950) is an American classical clarinetist.