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Sharanga Sharanga is the bow of the Hindu God Vishnu. Other weapons of Vishnu include the Sudarshana Chakra, the Narayanastra, the Vaishnavastra, the Kaumodaki mace, Nandaka sword.
Sharanga Sharanga again appears in the tale of duel between Lord krishna,the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu,and Shalva,the demon of mystical powers.Shalva is at one point,able to strike Krishna's left arm and He drops Sharanga.Later,Krishna severes Shalva's head with Sudarshana Chakra.
Sharanga This bow was crafted by Viswakarma, the Cosmic architect and maker of weapons, along with the Pinaka, the bow of Lord Shiva. Once, Brahma wanted to know who was a better archer, Vishnu or Shiva. So created a quarrel between the two, which led to a terrible duel. The impact of their fight was such that the balance of the entire universe was disturbed. But soon Vishnu was able to paralyze Shiva with his arrows. All the Devas led by Brahma himself begged them to stop, declaring Vishnu the winner as he was able to stun Shiva. Enraged, Shiva gave his Pinaka bow to a king, who was an ancestor of King Janaka, the father of Sita. Vishnu too decided to do the same, and gave his bow to sage Richika. In time, Sharanga came into the possession of Parashurama, the sixth avatar of Vishnu and Richika's grandson. Parashurama gave it to Rama, the next incarnation of Vishnu after fulfilling his life's mission. Rama used it and gave to Varuna, the lord of the hydrosphere. In the Mahabharata, Varuna gives it to Krishna(eight avatar of Vishnu) during the "Khandava-dahana". Just before his death, Krishna returned it to Varuna by throwing it back into the ocean, Varuna's domain.
Sharangapani Sharangapani is a popular epithet of the Hindu god Vishnu. It means "one who holds the Sharanga bow in his hand".
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Ayudhapurusha In the last variation of the ayudhapurusha iconography, he/she holds the associated weapon. Common examples are the Sudarshana Chakra, the Shankha-purusha and Kaumodaki, mostly found in Uttar Pradesh and Bengal art. Sharanga with the bow in his hand and Nandaka with the sword as in Deogarh are other examples.
Thirumangai Alvar A late ninth century text, Tamilalangaram by Dandapani Swamigal describes him of having the rare privilege of biting god Vishnu's toes and being pardoned for all his sins, as he wrote in Tamil. Vaishnavas consider him as a divine incarnation of Sharanga, Vishnu's bow.
Parashurama and his father, King Dasharatha, begs him to forgive his son and punish him instead. Parashurama neglects Dasharatha and invokes Sri Rama for a challenge. Sri Rama proves to be equal with him in all common weapons. Hence Parasurama gives him the divine Sharanga bow (the personal bow of Supreme
Shiva Dhanush Vishwakarma crafted two divine bows. He gave Sharanga to Lord Vishnu and Pinaka to Lord Shiva . King Janaka of Mithila had a daughter named Sita. In earlier part of her life, Sita while playing with her sisters had unknowingly lifted the table over which the bow had been placed; which was something no one in the kingdom could do. This incident was however observed by Janaka and he decided to make this incident as the backdrop for swayamvara.
Shiva Dhanush Another tale of Pinaka revolves around the tale of Lord Vishnu fighting Lord Shiva,mentioned in Seventy fifthe sarga of Bala kanda of Ramayana.Parashuram narrates this to Lord Rama before challenging him to string Sharanga.The story goes like this-The Devas wanted to test "the superiority of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and asked Lord Brahma to create a difference of opinion between them.In the battle that ensued,Lord Vishnu utters a battle cry "hum" which paralyzes the Devas and Lord Shiva.His bow is rendered useless, and Lord Vishnu's bow Sharanga prevails. This Pinaka was broken later by Lord Rama,who also snatches Sharanga from Parashurama and gives it to Varuna,lord of the oceans,for safekeeping.))*