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Article Example
Richard Sezibera In 1995, he became a Member of Parliament. He was elected President of the Parliamentary Commission on Social Affairs, which exercised oversight over the government departments mandated to deal with issues of health.
Richard Sezibera He is a member of GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccine) board first as minister of health in Rwanda, 2nd and 3rd time as an individual. He serves as the chairperson of the board's programme and policy committee.
Richard Sezibera Defense resource Management Institute (Senior Defense Management Course), Naval postgraduate school, Monterey, California, USA.
Richard Sezibera Richard Sezibera (born June 5, 1964 in Kigali, Rwanda) is a Rwandan physician, politician, diplomat and civil servant. He was the 4th Secretary General of the East African Community. He was appointed to that position by the East African Community Heads of State on 19 April 2011 for a five-year term. His term ended on 26 April 2016, when Libérat Mfumukeko of Burundi, became the 5th Secretary General of the East African Community.
Richard Sezibera In 1990, he joined the Rwanda Patriotic Front / Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPF/RPA) as a field medical officer. He rose to the rank of Major within the RPA in 1993.
Richard Sezibera He has many publications in journals, numerous articles and has done many interviews in major national, regional and international media including the Washington post, foreight affairs, the lancet, CNN, BBC etc ...
Richard Sezibera In 1999, he was appointed Ambassador of Rwanda to the United States of America, with concurrent accreditation to Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.
Richard Sezibera In 2003: President's office: Presidential Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region and senior advisor to the President of Rwanda. Was also the chairperson of the Rwanda national coordination mechanism. Contributed to the 1st ever pact on security, stability, and development in the Great Lakes region.
Richard Sezibera Amb Sezibera is a fellow, Institute for advanced studies in the humanities, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
Richard Sezibera Amb served as Vice President of the World Health General Assembly and chairperson of the world health Organisation regional committee on Africa.