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Yanet Seyoum Yanet Seyoum Gebremedhin (born 9 July 1994 in Kombolcha, Ethiopia) is an Ethiopian swimmer. She is the first swimmer from Ethiopia to compete in the Olympics. Yanet competed in the 50 meter freestyle at the 2012 Summer Olympics and was the flag bearer of the Ethiopian team at the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony.
Seyoum Mengesha "Leul Ras" Seyoum, his wife Princess Atsede Asfaw and youngest child, son Dejasmatch Mengesha Seyoum were accompanied by close family members during their two-year captivity as Prisoners of War. Their Italian captors accorded the family decent treatment and it was during this time that Leul Ras Seyoum and the Duke of Aosta developed a friendship that would later aid the return of Leul Ras Seyoum and his family to Ethiopia upon the appointment of the Duke as Viceroy to Ethiopia. Furthermore, his friendship with the Viceroy enabled "Leul Ras" Seyoum to play an influential role in securing the release of 3,000 Ethiopian POWs being held in Italian Somaliland.
Mengesha Seyoum In October 1974, after the monarchy was toppled, representatives of the Derg ordered Seyum Mangasha to the capital to face charges of corruption, but instead he fled to the hills. There Mengesha Seyoum helped to found a group that eventually became the Ethiopian Democratic Union (EDU). His wife, Princess Aida Desta, and his daughter were arrested by the Derg in 1974. Although his daughter would eventually escape abroad, his wife remained in prison for 14 years. The EDU was a conservative and pro-monarchy and is the oldest of the Ethiopian political parties. The EDU later merged with the Ethiopian Democratic Party and formed the Ethiopian Democratic Unity Party (EDUP), which later was one of the parties that joined to form the United Ethiopian Democratic Forces, one of the two largest opposition parties in Ethiopia. In 2000, the EDU reorganized in Addis Ababa as a legal opposition party after the Tigrayan People's Liberation Front led the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front to power. Leul Ras Mengesha has retreated from all involvement in the political affairs of this party and its successor organizations.
Seyoum Mengesha "Ras" Seyoum fathered several children from various wives. With his first wife, "Woizero" Tewabech he had "Leult" Wolete Israel Seyum who herself married the Crown Prince, Asfaw Wossen. By a previous marriage he had "Woizero-Hoy" Kebbedech Seyum. By a subsequent marriage he had "Leul" Mangasha Seyum. In the period 1928-1929 following a long and romantic coutrship with Princess Atsede Asfaw Darge from the Royal house of Shoa, the couple married and remained devoted until Leul Ras Seyoum's death during the coup of 1960.
Seyoum Mengesha In 1943, the "Woyane Rebellion" broke out in southern and eastern Tigre Province and "Ras" Seyoum was suspected of supporting the rebels. As a consequence, he was recalled to Addis Ababa and replaced by "Fitawrari" Kifle Dadi and "Dejazmach" Fikre Selassie Ketema as well as General Tedla Mekeonen and General Isayas Gebre Selassie as the Commander of the Army in Tigray.
Estifanos Seyoum Seyoum has fathered 5 children: Shewit, Ariam, Miriam, Kibrom, and Natnael.
Seyoum Tsehaye Seyoum Tsehaye (born 1952) is a jailed Eritrean journalist. At independence in 1993, Tsehaye was named to the head of television and eventually radio in the country but has been in jail since September 2001 when President Isaias Afewerki closed all non-governmental media sources. In December 2007, Tsehaye was named Reporter of the Year by Reporters Without Borders.
Seyoum Tesfaye Seyoum Tesfaye is an Ethiopian professional footballer, who plays as a Defender for Dedebit F.C..
Seyoum Tesfaye In January 2014, coach Sewnet Bishaw, invited him to be a part of the Ethiopia squad for the 2014 African Nations Championship. The team was eliminated in the group stages after losing to Congo, Libya and Ghana.
Seyoum Mesfin Seyoum Mesfin Gebredingel (born January 25, 1949) is an Ethiopian politician and diplomat. He was Ethiopia's Foreign Minister from 1991 until September 2010 and has subsequently served as Ethiopia's Ambassador to the People's Republic of China.