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Article Example
Settimo Settimo (Italian for seventh) may refer to several places in Italy:
Settimo Milanese Settimo Milanese is a "comune" (municipality) in the Province of Milan in the Italian region Lombardy, located about west of Milan.
Settimo Milanese The industrial district of Castelletto is home to industries such as Italtel and STMicroelectronics.
Settimo Vittone Settimo Vittone is a "comune" (municipality) in the Metropolitan City of Turin, Piedmont, northern Italy. It is located about north of Turin, in the Canavese traditional region.
Settimo Vittone The Colma di Mombarone mountain is located nearby.
Settimo Milanese Settimo Milanese borders the following municipalities: Rho, Milan, Cornaredo, Cusago.
Ruggero Settimo Ruggero Settimo (19 May 1778 – 12 May 1863) was an Italian politician, diplomat, and patriotic activist from Sicily. The name means "Roger the Seventh", from a family name originating in Pisa (Tuscany). He was a counter-admiral of the Sicilian Fleet. He fought alongside the British fleet in the Mediterranean Sea against the French under Napoleon Bonaparte. He reconquered the island of Malta, and defended the city of Gaeta near Naples. In 1811 he had to retire from the military to health problems. He was a member of the Sicilian government of Prince Castelnovo in 1812 as Minister of the merchant navy. Was a member of the revolutionary junta of 1820-1821 and in 1848 as president of the Sicilian Senate was appointed as Chief of the government of the Kingdom of Sicily and led the Sicilian government until 1849. His family was in legacy for marriage with the last heir of the family Calvello (about 1468), so became proprietary of one of the largest estates in Sicily. With his father Trajan Settim Aversa the feud (fief) was given the title of the Principality of Fitalia. The fief was formed in 1130 after the investiture of King Roger II King of Sicily. King Roger gifted this fief to the husband of the woman who nursed him and his brother Simon.
Settimo Rottaro Settimo Rottaro borders the following municipalities: Azeglio, Caravino, Borgo d'Ale, and Cossano Canavese.
Ruggero Settimo He was one of the most important protagonists of the Sicilian revolution of independence of 1848, after which he was effective head of state of an independent Sicily that replaced the Bourbon Two Sicilies for 16 months. Once the rebellion was put down by King Ferdinand II's army, he escaped to Malta, where he lived out the rest of his life in exile.
Ruggero Settimo Following the success of the "Risorgimento" movement during 1860 and 1861, he was the President of the Senate of the newly created Parliament of the Kingdom of Italy until his death.