Top 10 similar words or synonyms for serenaded

mesmerized    0.695746

adored    0.678509

wowed    0.672145

enthralled    0.658960

babysat    0.654821

pestered    0.652247

serenading    0.650456

upstaged    0.647271

pranked    0.645018

mesmerised    0.644737

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for serenaded

Article Example
Dickens in America serenaded by students from Yale. And Miriam is too.
Bañares The most well-known songs with which the newlyweds are serenaded are the following:
I Don't Want to Walk Without You Olive Oyl serenaded Popeye with this song in the 1946 "Popeye the Sailor" cartoon "Klondike Casanova".
2016 Rose of Tralee After receiving her crown she was serenaded by country singer Nathan Carter who sang "The Rose of Tralee".
Elvis impersonator In an episode of "How I Met Your Mother" Marshall and Lily are serenaded by a Korean Elvis.
Kirk Talley 3 Diamond Awards: "Soloist of the Year", "Songwriter of the Year", and "Song of the Year" for "Serenaded By Angels". The "Singing News" magazine presented him with the 1996 Fan awards for: "Favorite Male Vocalist", "Favorite Songwriter", and "Song of the Year" again for "Serenaded By Angels".
Sarah Ann Henley The whole episode was serenaded in verse by a William E. Heasell, who called it "An Early Parachute Descent in Bristol".
Jim Crane For her 60th birthday party Franci was serenaded by the rock-pop band The B-52's at the Crane's summer home in Nantucket, Massachusetts in July 2010.
In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel song) On Season 4 Episode 15 of "Glee", Will Schuester serenaded Emma with this song, holding a boombox posed on his arms.
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium On 4 December 2011, a crowd of 7,000 were serenaded by the beautiful sounds of Josh Groban at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium's Prince Alfred Park.