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Seregno A peculiarity of Seregno is the presence of a high number of bank agencies in relation to the resident population and businesses located within the city boundaries.
Seregno The International Ettore Pozzoli Piano Competition, for tradition and amount of prize, is one of the oldest and most prestigious piano competitions in the world taking place in Seregno, Italy since 1959 and held every two years.
Seregno Seregno is positioned in the middle of one of the most economically productive areas in Italy with a high concentration of small and medium-sized enterprises. The total number of companies listed in Seregno is over 3,600, equal to about 6 percent of companies throughout the Province of Monza and Brianza territory. Seregno has a long-established tradition in industrial and craft production with excellence in the furniture sector, engineering industry, clothing and computer industries.
Seregno The city is located in the upper part of the Lombard plain, from Monza and only from Milan, capital of the Region. The current infrastructure system, with two longitudinal bisecting roads and a thick mesh of provincial and municipal roads and railways make Seregno also very close to all the major attractions of the area such as the lake districts, the Alps, the cities of Como, Lecco, Bergamo and Varese.
Seregno Seregno is a town and "comune" of the new Province of Monza and Brianza in the Italian region of Lombardy. , its population was 44,296 inhabitants, making it the second city of the province after Monza. Seregno received the honorary title of city with a presidential decree on 26 January 1979.
Seregno–Bergamo railway The Seregno–Bergamo railway is a railway line in Lombardy, Italy.
U.S.D. 1913 Seregno Calcio Seregno was founded in 1913 by cav. "Umberto Trabattoni" and in 1936 gave hospitality to Italian National Team before world soccer competition.
Seregno railway station Seregno railway station is the railway station of the city of Seregno, in Italy.
Seregno railway station Seregno is served by the lines S9 and S11 of the Milan suburban railway network, and is terminus of the regional trains to Carnate. All this trains are operated by the lombard railway company Trenord.
U.S.D. 1913 Seregno Calcio Unione Sportiva Dilettantistica 1913 Seregno Calcio is an Italian association football club located in Seregno, Lombardy. It currently plays in Serie D.