Top 10 similar words or synonyms for semihyaline

ochraceous    0.810986

maculated    0.759896

hindwing    0.747892

ocherous    0.747379

bronzy    0.746372

luteous    0.738648

stramineous    0.736529

irrorations    0.734746

concolorous    0.734092

blackish    0.730018

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for semihyaline

Article Example
Antaeotricha nitidorella Adults are brownish silvery white, the hindwings semihyaline.
Trichaea eusebia The forewings are semihyaline greyish white, the costal margin from the base to the end of the cell bright yellow. The veins, apex and outer margin are black. The hindwings are semihyaline greyish white, the veins and margins black.
Tyspanodes suasalis The fore- and hindwings are semihyaline yellowish-white, the former slightly darker near the apex.
Macrorrhinia ochrella The wingspan is 12–17 mm. The forewings are pale ocherous. The hindwings are semihyaline and whitish.
Hibrildes norax Adults are semihyaline, the fore- and hindwings uniformly covered with yellowish-white scales, with all the veins light brown.
Dausara orionalis The wings are brown with purple and cupreous reflections. The forewings are yellowish-white at the base, except along the costa. There is a white semihyaline purple-tinged band which is bordered with blackish on the outer margin. There is also a brown subcostal spot which is connected with the brown costa. The hindwings are white, but semihyaline at the base.
Sameodes finbaralis The wingspan is about 29 mm. The forewings are naples yellow and the hindwings semihyaline white, faintly suffused with naples yellow.
Sameodes ulricalis from below the costa and well outcurved close to the discocellular spot, its inner edge diffuse below vein 3. The hindwings are semihyaline white, suffused with light buff.
Azochis gripusalis The wings are semihyaline with a testaceous tinge. There are three blackish transverse lines on the forewings. There are some black spots on the hindwings.
Blepharomastix caulealis The wingspan is about 20 mm. The forewings are brown and the hindwings are semihyaline white, the termen suffused with brown.