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Sellwood Bridge In an October 2011 study, the Department of Transportation wrote that the Sellwood Bridge must be replaced 'immediately'. On December 15, 2011, the county received U.S. federal funding sufficient to begin immediate work on a replacement. On July 19, 2012, Multnomah County commissioners approved a $299 million design for a new bridge.
Joe Sellwood Joe Sellwood (24 January 1911 – 18 October 2007) was a New Zealand born Australian rules football player, playing 181 games from 1930–1945. Sellwood, recruited from Wunghnu Football Club was part of the Geelong Football Club 1937 premiership team.
John Sellwood John Sellwood was a pioneer Episcopal minister who settled in the U.S. state of Oregon on a donation land claim on the east bank of the Willamette River upstream from Portland.
Sellwood Bridge In the 2000s, discussions began to intensify over the bridge's condition, which had been deteriorating since the 1960s. Upon discovery of cracks in both concrete approaches in January 2004, the weight limit on the bridge was lowered from 32 tons to 10 tons. This caused the diversion of about 1,400 daily truck and bus trips, including 94 daily TriMet bus trips. Over the few years that followed, there was debate on whether the bridge should be replaced, repaired, closed altogether, or closed for automotive traffic (but left open for pedestrians and bicycles). In April 2005, Bechtel gave Multnomah County an unsolicited plan to replace the bridge through a public-private partnership.
Sellwood Bridge In February 2009, the Policy Advisory Group (PAG), based on recommendations provided by a Community Task Force and the public, selected a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). The LPA included replacement of the existing bridge with a new bridge, alignment approximately 15 feet south of Tacoma Street, allowing continuous traffic flow at the crossing during construction, a pedestrian-actuated signal at Tacoma Street and SE 6th Avenue, and a signal at the west end interchange. The LPA is 64 feet (or less) wide and consists of two traffic lanes, two bike lanes, and two wide sidewalks. A final Environmental Impact Statement was published in spring 2010, and it was approved by the Federal Highway Administration in July 2010.
Sellwood Bridge On July 19, 2012, a final design was approved by Multnomah County commissioners. The design is a steel deck arch bridge with pedestrian and bicycle lanes on both sides. Construction was funded with $136 million from the county (raised from a $17 annual vehicle registration fee), $33 million from the federal government, $35 million from the state, and $84.5 million from the city of Portland. Clackamas County was originally to provide some funding due to the bridge’s use by many residents of that county, but that plan was later rejected by voters.
John Sellwood Sellwood, born in England, was brought up and educated by his mother after the death of his father in 1808. In 1853, he, his mother, and his only brother, James R.W. Sellwood, emigrated to the U.S., settling first in Cincinnati, Ohio, and later in Illinois, where he briefly served as a minister. Emigrating to Oregon in 1856, he was badly wounded during a riot in Panama, where the Sellwoods stayed during part of their journey west. He never fully recovered from his injuries.
John Sellwood John Sellwood sold his property in 1882 to the Sellwood Real Estate Company, which began development of the land into the town of Sellwood. Henry Pittock, owner of "The Oregonian" newspaper in Portland, was the majority stockholder in the real estate company. Incorporated in 1887, the town became part of Portland in 1893 after the state legislature extended the Multnomah County border a bit south and east to allow Portland to assimilate all of Sellwood. The Sellwood post office was established in October 1893 and became the Sellwood-Moreland post office in 1950.
Sellwood Bridge Designed by Gustav Lindenthal, the first bridge opened on December 15, 1925, at a final cost of $541,000 (equivalent to $6.9 million in 2011). It was long with of vertical waterway clearance. It had four continuous spans, all of Warren type. The two center spans were long, and the two outside spans were each. The girders from the old Burnside Bridge (built in 1894) were reused at each end. The two-lane roadway was wide, and there was a sidewalk along one side.
Sellwood Bridge In July 2007, the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners considered several options for a replacement bridge. At the time, the top option was a bridge with two car lanes and two transit lanes, running just south of the current bridge, with a projected cost of $302 million. In November 2008, however, the Sellwood Bridge team issued a draft Environmental Impact Statement containing details on five different finalist designs and alignments.