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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for selfmade

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Article Example
Selfmade Records The label was formed 2005 in Düsseldorf. The first artist who signed was Favorite, who released 4 April 2005 the sampler "Schwarzes Gold" as first release over Selfmade Records. It follows the album "Rappen kann tödlich sein" by Favorite and Jason, which was mainly produced by Rizbo, who signed as well 2004.
Selfmade Records Philipp Dammann left the label at the end of 2005.
Selfmade Records Selfmade Records is a German hip hop label, which was formed 2005 by Elvir Omerbegovic, better known under the pseudonym Slick One, and Philipp Dammann. The studio is located in Düsseldorf.
Casper (rapper) In February 2009, he left 667 Records and signed a contract with Selfmade Records. Together with Kollegah, Favorite and Shiml, who were also signed to Selfmade Records, they released "Chronik 2" in April 2009.
Psycho Village The EP "Selfmade Fairytale – Part 1" was released on May 30, 2014
Bart Verschoor Verschoor is a selfmade man who, after his Olympic career, started building home and boat related products from sustainable materials.
Casper (rapper) In October 2010 Casper left Selfmade Records and signed a new contract with Four Music. His second album, "XOXO", was released on 8 July 2011.
Boris Muzalev Boris Muzalev (born April 13, 1959) is a Ukrainian born selfmade businessman and politician. Muzalev is the CEO of Tavria-V and the Honorary Consul of Cyprus.
Kollegah His debut album, "Alphagene", was released in 2007 as Selfmade Records' fourth album and reached #51 in the German album charts.
Jung, brutal, gutaussehend Farid Bang was also featured on the Selfmade Records album "Chronik 2" on the track "Westdeutschlands Kings" with Kollegah and Favorite