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Tiga Abdul Sadiq Segaraga finally loses his temper when Abdul Wahub invites the people of the town into Sadiq's house to take away anything they want. When Sadiq admits that his truly angry, Abdul Wahub reveals the contract, taking everything that Sadiq owns and selling Sadiq, Kassim Patalon, Rafidah and Hamidah as slaves in the market.
Tiga Abdul Sadiq Segaraga, a friend of the late Ismet Ulam Raja, has also set his eyes on the vast wealth that once belonged to his friend. He orders his three beautiful daughters, Hamidah, Rafidah and Ghasidah, to woo the three Abduls. Hamidah is successful in wooing Abdul Wahab and Rafidah is successful in wooing Abdul Wahib, but Ghasidah and Abdul Wahub only argue with each other on sight.
Tiga Abdul Tiga Abdul (The Three Abduls) is a 1964 Malaysian comedy film directed by and starring Malaysian silver-screen icon P. Ramlee. It tells the story of three brothers who are caught in a web of trickery set by the cunning Sadiq Segaraga who uses his three daughters to fleece the three brothers of all their wealth. The movie is a tribute to traditional folktales with a moral set into the story and is set in a fictional Middle Eastern country named Isketambola, loosely based on Istanbul, Turkey. It was the last film to be directed by P. Ramlee in Singapore before he moved to his new workplace in Merdeka Studios, Kuala Lumpur in 1965.
Tiga Abdul The two elder Abduls meet Sadiq Segaraga to ask for his two daughters' hands in marriage. Sadiq agrees, on the condition that they sign a contract written by him and his lawyer, Kassim Patalon. The contract states that if the Abduls lose their temper at any moment during their marriage, all the wealth they own will go to Sadiq and the Abduls will be sold as slaves. Although they are suspicious of the contract, they agree to sign it. After the marriage, Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahib move into Sadiq's home, where they are told they are not allowed to eat their food, only smell it, and they are to sleep in the stables, not in their wives' rooms. The two Abduls lose their temper at these conditions, and Sadiq reveals the contract, claiming all their wealth and sells the two men as slaves.
Tiga Abdul Abdul Wahub sees his brothers being sold in the marketplace, but cannot do anything. That night his father's spirit appears to him in a dream, telling him to meet a man named Sulaiman Akh-laken. Abdul Wahub does as he's instructed and it turns out that Sulaiman Akh-laken is Ismet Ulam Raja's lawyer who managed Ismet's overseas properties, which are now passed on to Abdul Wahub. Abdul Wahub discovers that he is several times richer than his two elder brothers combined. Using this knowledge, he starts his plan by meeting Sadiq Segaraga and asking for Ghasidah's hand in marriage. Sadiq shows Abdul Wahub the same contract he'd presented to his elder brothers, and Abdul Wahub says that he'll sign it, on the condition that Sadiq signs "another" contract. The second contract states that if Sadiq loses "his" temper, then Abdul Wahub will claim all his wealth and sell Sadiq as a slave.