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Seeheimer Kreis The Circle is led by Petra Ernstberger, Garrelt Duin, and Johannes Kahrs. Other leading members of the Seeheimer are Doris Barnett, Fritz-Rudolf Körper, Edgar Franke, Sport Committee Chairwoman Dagmar Freitag, Carsten Schneider, Rolf Schwanitz, Defense Committee Chairwoman Susanne Kastner, who belong to a group known as the Sprecherkreis. Members of the advisory board for the Seeheimer include SPD Party Leader Sigmar Gabriel, Ulla Schmidt, and Wolfgang Tiefensee.
Seeheimer Kreis This Primary School Teacher moved into the German Bundestag in 1994. She taught at various community colleges as well as at the University of Bayreuth as instructor and research assistant. Since 2005, she has been in the leading circles of the Social Democratic Party as Parliamentary Director. She is also a member of the Ältestenrat, a council of German Members of the Bundestag who assist the President of the Bundestag with parliamentary procedure. She is also in the Ältestenrat Committee for Internal Affairs. She is also Chairwoman of the German-South Asian Parliamentary Group.
Seeheimer Kreis After the end of the Helmut Schmidt Era, the Kanalarbeiter, who had represented the interests of traditional, non-intellectual union workers, definitively merged with the Seeheim Circle, which in contrast was considered to be "intellectual."
Seeheimer Kreis After reunification with East Germany in 1990, the Seeheimers added two prominent Social Democrats from the former GDR to their ranks, Stephan Hilsberg and Markus Meckel.
Seeheimer Kreis Born in 1963 and an educated legal practitioner, Johannes Kahrs is also a reserve Lieutenant Colonel in the German Bundeswehr. He entered the German Bundestag in 1998 as a directly elected Member of the German Bundestag from Central Hamburg. He serves as spokesman of the Seeheimers, Commissioner for Gay and Lesbian Issues, Substitute Chairman of the German-Turkish Parliamentary Group, as well as member of the Enquete-Commission for "Internet and Digital Society" and the Budget Committee. In addition to his parliamentary postings, Mr. Kahrs is also active in many volunteer and community organizations, such as the Hamburg Youth Welfare Committee.
Seeheimer Kreis It was founded in September 1974. One of the prominent founding members is Gesine Schwan, a former SPD candidate for the German Presidency. The group is led by Petra Ernstberger, Garrelt Duin, and Johannes Kahrs. The Circle is named after their long-standing meeting place, Seeheim (Bergstraße) a short distance to the south of Frankfurt.
Seeheimer Kreis In the 1950s, a group of conservative or traditional members of the SPD met regularly in an informal group known as the "Kanalarbeiter" (Canal Workers). They were considered to be one of the most influential groups within the larger Social Democratic Party.
Seeheimer Kreis Parallel to the development of the Canal Workers, starting in 1969 an additional conservative grouping within the SPD was initiated by Günther Metzger, known as the Metzger Circle, which soon developed in 1972 into the Arbeitskreis Linke Mitte (Centre Left Work Circle), which can be considered the forerunner of today's Seeheim Circle.
Seeheimer Kreis A meeting in the Dorint-Hotel in Lahnstein in December 1974 is considered to be the official founding of the Seeheim Circle, however already in 1973 a group of around 40 Social Democrats met at the invitation of Hans-Jochen Vogel to discuss a way to come out of the "theoretical and ideological defensive" posed by the left wing of the party. Other founding members include Richard Löwenthal and Gesine Schwan. Though the Seeheim Circle ended up not accomplishing their initially stated goal of serving as a provocative ideological counterweight within the Party, they experienced early successes in gaining influence in SPD staffing policy and in pushing through broader Social Democratic Party decisions. The early Seeheimers followed in the footsteps of the Canal Workers, whose motto was "nothing happens without us".
Seeheimer Kreis From 1978 to 1984, the group, which was also known as the Lahnstein Circle, met in the Lufthansa Training Center in Seeheim on the Bergstraße, the origin of the name "Seeheimers."