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acasos    0.853686

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Verdades Secretas "Verdades Secretas" has also been one of the most successful telenovelas of Rede Globo in recent times, having achieved a viewership rating of 19.81 (20) points, the highest, despite its 11pm timeslot.
Verdades Secretas Hit by the needs that life imposes, she cannot overcome the traps disguised as opportunities, allowing herself to be taken by an obscure reality, which goes far beyond the catwalks. This is when Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi), a powerful, rich, seductive and experienced man, comes into her life. She is enchanted by Alex. And he is mesmerized by his young lover.
Verdades Secretas The telenovela was nominated to the 2016 International Emmy to Best Telenovela and Best Actress, for Grazi Massafera’s performance as Larissa, one of the format’s main characters.
Verdades Secretas Verdades Secretas (English: Hidden Truths) is a Brazilian telenovela created by Walcyr Carrasco and directed by Mauro Mendonça Filho. Starring Marieta Severo, Camila Queiroz, Rodrigo Lombardi, Reynaldo Gianecchini, Grazi Massafera and Drica Moraes in the main roles.
Verdades Secretas The plot mainly features the story of a lass who is lured by a famous modeling agency that secretly recruits young women to prostitution and the life of the models behind the curtains, a dangerous obsession of a man that put mother and daughter on a crazy love triangle and drug addiction.
Verdades Secretas On a consolidated basis, the debut of the plot registered 22.9 (23) points, same hearing of telenovela "Babilônia". The next day scored 20.2 points. In its third, scored 19 points. His record took place on June 22, when it reached 24 rating points in the Greater São Paulo. On July 6 peaked at 30 points of rating, closing with general average of 26 (25.5). In his last week hit record audience on Monday (21) with 27 points almost surpassing the novel 21h "A Regra do Jogo". Sometimes had higher viewer ratings than the "Jornal Nacional", as on July 27, when the plot registered an average of 25 points against 24 of the newspaper.
Verdades Secretas In Brazil, the telenovela was broadcast in the 11:00 pm time slot and recorded an average 43% share and more than 18 million viewers. It was also widely commented on Twitter, while being broadcast, generating more than three million comments. The #verdadessecretas (original title of the telenovela) hashtag was the most used, with 2,817,827 mentions. In second place was #angel, the name young Arlete uses after entering into the fashion world. The telenovela's finale garnered more than one million mentions.
Verdades Secretas On 21 November 2016, "Verdades Secretas" was prized as Best telenovela in the 44th International Emmy Awards.
Verdades Secretas In his penultimate episode, the telenovela aired from 23:30 to 00:37, despite being displayed later, scored average 24.3 points. His last episode scored 27 points, his highest ratings since debut.
Verdades Secretas Fame, power and money. Skin-deep pleasure. Pulsating passion. Intense frenzy. Seductive situations that can be deceptive, the leading character in the telenovela is Arlete (Camila Queiroz), a beautiful young girl full of dreams. She arrives in São Paulo willing to become a model, but she ends up working as a luxury prostitute.