Top 10 similar words or synonyms for seangfarng

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for seangfarng

Article Example
Silamanee With the help of friends and family, Parote and Seangfarng/Ngam eventually marry in Chaingrath; however, the new couple relocate to Bangkok due to problems in the princess' home republic. The soap opera then concludes with the return of the Silamanee to Chaingrath, where Seangfarng/Ngam and Parote have returned to assume the roles of King and Queen of Chaingrath.
Silamanee Seangfarng/Ngam then disguises herself as a beautiful shopkeeper named Mae Liang and charms Parote when he arrives in her shop for silk that has been sourced from Chiang Rai. The new disguise is part of the princess' second plan to assume three identities to successfully deceive Parote. However, Seangfarng/Ngam's plan to deceive Parote flounders and it not only becomes apparent that he is actually in love with the princess, but that he also knows the true location of the Silamanee. It also becomes clear that Parote already knew the princess' real identity and that he previously wished to marry Seangfarng/Ngam; however, both characters are already engaged to other people.
Silamanee In the Republic of Chaingrath, located in northern Thailand, a little princess named "Seangfarng" is abandoned by her mother amid an argument over the princess' nationality. Seangfarng is then placed in the care of her father The King of Chaingrath and she later leaves Chaingrath for Bangkok to study, as well as to reunite with her mother, who now has a new family—the princess plans to reunite with her mother, even though she had made a commitment to her mother that they would not meet again.
Silamanee The princess then plans to take back the Silamanee, an object that she believes rightfully belongs to her country. With the help of her friend Chalee (the youngest son of Rachasena), who also has a crush on her, Seangfarng/Ngam visits the address where the Silamanee is located. The princess meets a character named "Parote" at the address and she subsequently realizes that Parote is a member of her own family. "Parote" is working in Thai politics, but is also studying, and is the first son of the family. He knows nothing about the princess’ true identity, but he directly shows his dislike of the princess towards Seangfarng/Ngam.
Silamanee Ten years later, Seangfarng, the beauty of Chaingrath, transforms herself into beautiful high school girl Ngam Sanluang to hide her real identity from her mother, who is now searching for her. Also, the death of the princess' father provided her with an insight into the "Silamanee", Chaingrath's most precious object (a "Silamanee" is a sacred thing that is traditionally passed down as a marriage gift by the ruler of Chaingrath). The Silamanee has gone missing in Chaingrath due to an arrangement between the king and his closest friend Khun Ruj; however, the Silamanee can be returned to Chaingrath if problems arise in regard to the arrangement—the return of the Silamanee is of the utmost importance to Seangfarng/Ngam and she is provided with the address of the object's location.