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Bendigo Braves The Bendigo Braves are a basketball team based in Bendigo, Victoria that play in the South East Australian Basketball League (SEABL). The men's team are seven-time SEABL Conference champions, while the women's team are five-time SEABL champions. The men's team have also won three National championships in 1988, 2005 and 2016, while the women's team won National championships in 2000 and 2003.
Brad Hill (basketball) In 2015, for the fourth off-season in a row, Hill played for the Mount Gambier Pioneers of the South East Australian Basketball League (SEABL). He helped the Pioneers win the SEABL championship for the second year in a row.
Tenaya Phillips After two more seasons in the SEABL, Phillips re-joined the WNBL's Dandenong Rangers for the 2014–15 season. Following the WNBL season, she helped the SEABL Rangers win the 2015 title.
Carly Wilson Wilson played for Nunawading in the SEABL in 2011.
2008 Australian Club Championships The 2008 ACC quarter-finals began on 16 August when the two SEABL men's conference champions, the Hobart Chargers (South) and the Knox Raiders (East), faced off for the overall SEABL championship and a spot in the ACC semi-finals.
Shawn Redhage Redhage subsequently returned to the SEABL in 2005 after signing with the Bendigo Braves. He had an outstanding year with the Braves as he earned SEABL South MVP honors for a second time and guided the team to an ABA National Finals berth with a second straight SEABL South title win. He went on to earn ABA Finals All-Star Five honors after helping the Braves win the ABA championship. In two SEABL seasons, he earned two SEABL South MVP awards, two SEABL South championships, two ABA Finals All-Star Five selections, and two ABA Grand Final appearances. Of these grand final appearances, he was runner-up in 2004 with the Thunder and was victorious in 2005 with the Braves.
Shane McDonald In 2014, McDonald led his team to a SEABL East Conference title but the Spectres could not claim top honours again as they lost to South Conference champions, the Mount Gambier Pioneers, in the SEABL grand final.
Nunawading Spectres In 1990, the Nunawading Spectres re-emerged with a men's team that entered the South East Australian Basketball League (SEABL); a women's team also entered the SEABL in 1992. In 1995, the men's team tasted success for the first time with a CBA East Conference title. That same year, women's player Sue-Lynne Khor earned selection to the inaugural CBA women's all-star team. The men next had success in 2011 when they won both the SEABL South and overall SEABL championship with help from captain and Grand Final MVP Shane McDonald. In 2014, they were crowned SEABL East champions but failed to defeat the Mount Gambier Pioneers for the overall SEABL championship. In contrast with the men's team, success has thus far eluded the Nunawading women's team.
Craig Moller On 23 November 2016, Moller re-signed with the Ballarat Miners for the 2017 SEABL season.
Ben Hunt (basketball) Played the 2003-04 SEABL season with the Ballarat Miners in the ABA.