Top 10 similar words or synonyms for scrubber

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for scrubber

Article Example
Scrubber The condensation of water release significant amounts of low temperature heat (more than per ton of water), that can be recovered by the cooler for e.g. district heating purposes.
Scrubber Excess condensed water must continuously be removed from the circulating water.
Scrubber A dry or semi-dry scrubbing system, unlike the wet scrubber, does not saturate the flue gas stream that is being treated with moisture. In some cases no moisture is added, while in others only the amount of moisture that can be evaporated in the flue gas without condensing is added. Therefore, dry scrubbers generally do not have a stack steam plume or wastewater handling/disposal requirements. Dry scrubbing systems are used to remove acid gases (such as SO and HCl) primarily from combustion sources.
Scrubber Dry scrubbing systems can be categorized as dry sorbent injectors (DSIs) or as spray dryer absorbers (SDAs). Spray dryer absorbers are also called semi-dry scrubbers or spray dryers.
Scrubber One side effect of scrubbing is that the process only moves the unwanted substance from the exhaust gases into a liquid solution, solid paste or powder form. This must be disposed of safely, if it can not be reused.