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beyermann    0.878572

krger    0.874893

gotze    0.874339

jrgensen    0.872964

boudeau    0.869951

aszodi    0.868219

niederwieser    0.868206

willecke    0.867582

kremmer    0.866494

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Tetragonoderus quadrisignatus Tetragonoderus quadrisignatus is a species of beetle in the family Carabidae. It was described by Quensel In Schonherr in 1806.
Dennis Nyback The Lighthouse Cinema, at 116 Suffolk Street, at Rivington, on the Lower East Side of New York opened in the early winter of 1996. Nyback reused the projectors, screen, and seats from the Pike Street Cinema. He was assisted by Johannes Schonherr who ran the theater while Nyback was showing films in Europe in spring 1996.
Death Trip (1967 film) Kommissar X Drei grüne Hunde , , also known as Death Trip and "Kill Me Gently" is a 1967 West German-Italian-French-Lebanese-Hungarian international co-production Eurospy film written, co-produced and co-directed by Rudolf Zehetgruber and Gianfranco Parolini. Filmed in Turkey, it stars Tony Kendall and Brad Harris. It is the fourth of seven films, loosely based on the Kommissar X detective novel series from the Pabel Moewig publishing house. The film also features Dietmar Schonherr, director/screenwriter Rudolf Zehetgruber and Harris' wife of the time Olly Schoberova.