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Missouri Chamber Music Festival MOCM’s 2011 season musicians includes composer-in-residence Lansing McLoskey, English horn/oboist Robert Sheena, violinists Catherine French, Angie Smart and Maria Schleuning, violists Joanna Mendoza and Amadi Azikiwe, cellists Melissa Brooks and Jennifer Lucht, the Calyx Piano Trio and MOCM Festival Directors Scott Andrews, clarinet and Nina Ferrigno, piano.
Immanuel Winkler Johannes Schleuning, representative of the Volga colonists campaigned for the protection of the German Empire and the right for a reverse migration to Germany. Pastor Immanuel Winkler, in the meantime, chairman of the main committee of the "All-Russian Federation of Russian Germans" campaigned for the creation of a "Crown Colony Crimea-Taurida". His goal was for all the colonists of Russia (southern Ukraine, Bessarabia, Crimea) to settle under the protection of Germany in the Crimea. Further, Winkler called for the inclusion of this colony in the German Empire and the granting of German nationality to the colonists.
Portland International Airport carpet To reduce the amount of noise created by people walking across hard terminal floors, the Port of Portland contracted SRG Partnership to design new carpet for PDX in 1987. The SRG principal and co-designer of the carpet, John Schleuning, visited several airports before deciding what to create for the carpet at Portland International Airport. SRG steered away from the earth tones traditionally used by airports in the 1980s, incorporating blue and green into their design early on and hoping to evoke "northwest to the core." Its pattern featured geometric shapes on a teal background, an abstract depiction of the intersecting north and south runways seen by air traffic controllers from the airport's tower at night. Several acres of the carpet were installed by the early 1990s.
Richard Giangiulio Richard Cecil Giangiulio (born November 15, 1942), is an American trumpet player and conductor. Born in Philadelphia, Giangiulio began trumpet at the age of 10. Educated at the Curtis Institute of Music, The Juilliard School, and Conservatoire de Paris, Giangiulio has achieved international acclaim as a soloist and recording artist. After a brief stint with the Israel Philharmonic and a 32-year tenure as principal trumpet of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, he embarked on a conducting career as founder and music director of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra in 1981, a position he presently holds, intermittently returning to the DSO as guest conductor. Giangiulio is also a successful entrepreneur, having maintained a handmade mute company, TrumCor, Inc., since 1995. Currently, Giangiulio resides in Dallas, Texas, with wife, Maria Schleuning, and dogs, Laika (Лайка) and Cairo.