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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for schismatics

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Sam Hayden Listen to "Schismatics":
Templers (religious believers) In 1878 Hardegg and most of the schismatics founded the "Temple Association" (Tempelverein), but after Hardegg's death in the following year the cohesion of its adherents faded. Then envoys of the Evangelical State Church of Prussia's older Provinces successfully proselytised among the schismatics, gaining most of them. Thus some colonies became places of partisans of two different Christian denominations and their respective congregations (Haifa, Jaffa, Jerusalem, Sarona).
Templers (religious believers) Christoph Hoffmann fell out with his fellow leader Hardegg, so that in June 1874 the Temple denomination underwent a schism with Hardegg and about a third of the Templers seceding from the Temple Society. The schismatics around Hardegg searched to join another Christian denomination. To this end they addressed the Lutheran Church of Sweden (1874) and the Anglican Church Missionary Society (1879), but both refused to take care of the schismatics.
Mar Sabor and Mar Proth "According to decisions of Synod of Diamper these saints (Mar Sabore and Mar Proth) of Malankara Nazranis were considered as schismatics and the churches the established were wrongly proclaimed to be established by St. Thomas."
Unitatis redintegratio In preparation work for draft texts of Second Vatican Council documents, a "report urged respectful use of the terms dissidents or separated brethren, in place of heretics and schismatics."
Zoghby Initiative Zoghby asserted in his 1996 book "Tous Schismatiques?" (literally, "Are We All Schismatics?", usually translated "We Are All Schismatics") that the Church of Rome and the Orthodox Church share essentially the same faith. He declared that the Councils held by the West alone cannot be considered "ecumenical", criticized the Code of Canon Law of the Eastern Catholic Church, and said that the union which took place between some Eastern Churches and Rome was a mistake. Zoghby also asserted that the primacy of the Roman Pontiff is one of honor and charity only. Later, he said that papal "infallibility depends on ecumenicity."
Apostolic Prefecture of the Delta of the Nile The official census of 1897 gave for the four provinces of the Delta a total population of 3,282,457; 73,365 being schismatics of different rites, 3091 Catholics of various rites and 241 Protestants. These figures do not distinguish the population of the quarters or outskirts from that of Cairo; on the basis of other returns, the total population of the prefecture may be estimated at about 3,500,000; 100,000 of this number being schismatics and 15,000 Catholics of various rites; over 5000, perhaps, belonging to the Latin Rite.
Catholic teachings on heresy Heresy differs from apostasy. The apostate a fide abandons wholly the faith of Christ either by embracing Judaism, Islamism, Paganism, or simply by falling into naturalism and complete neglect of religion; the heretic always retains faith in Christ. Heresy also differs from schism. Schismatics, says St. Thomas, in the strict sense, are they who of their own will and intention separate themselves from the unity of the Church. The unity of the Church consists in the connection of its members with each other and of all the members with the head. Now this head is Christ whose representative in the Church is the supreme pontiff. And therefore the name of schismatics is given to those who will not submit to the supreme pontiff nor communicate with the members of the Church subject to him. Since the definition of Papal Infallibility, schism usually implies the heresy of denying this dogma. Heresy is opposed to faith; schism to charity; so that, although all heretics are schismatics because loss of faith involves separation from the Church, not all schismatics are necessarily heretics, since a man may, from anger, pride, ambition, or the like, sever himself from the communion of the Church and yet believe all the Church proposes for our belief (II-II, Q. xxix, a. 1). Such a one, however, would be more properly called rebellious than heretical.
Immanuel Church (Tel Aviv) In 1885 Pastor Carl Schlicht of the started to proselytise among the schismatics succeeded in forming Evangelical congregations. In 1889 former Templers, Protestant German and Swiss expatriates, and domestic and foreign proselytes established the Evangelical congregation of Jaffa. Johann Georg Kappus sen. (1826–1905) became the first chairman of the congregation, seconded and later followed by his son Johann Georg Kappus jun. (1855–1928).
Jonathan Hill (theologian) Hill's "Dictionary of Theologians to 1308", published in 2009 by James Clark Ltd. is a guide to over 300 significant theologians in the Western and Eastern traditions. It also includes notable schismatics and heretics. It was described by John G. Bales of the Westminster Seminary in California as "remarkably comprehensive" and "unique in its scope and scholarship".