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Kim Scharnberg He was raised in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and was exposed to a large variety of different music while growing up. He started to play the trombone when he was 10 years old. Having studied under Rayburn Wright and Manny Alban at the Eastman School of Music located in Rochester, New York, he went on to produce several pieces performed by high level orchestras and scores for many Broadway productions, including being a co-producer for the grammy-nominated Jekyll and Hyde. He recently produced the piece "Connectivities" commissioned by Linn-Mar High School's Wind Ensemble.
Kim Scharnberg Kim Scharnberg is a composer and arranger of orchestral music and a record producer and conductor.
Scharnberg House The Scharnberg House is a historic site in Clewiston, Florida. It is located at 325 East Del Monte Avenue. On April 26, 1999, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. The building was designed by Clark J. Lawrence, a West Palm Beach architect, and was built in 1927. According to Florida's Division of Historical Resources factsheet: "J.B. Scharnberg was a German born engineer and inventor who worked for the United States Sugar Corporation and held numerous patents for machinery innovations. Scharnberg occupied the house from 1931 to his death in 1940. At the time of his death Scharberg had developed the largest, most advanced sugar grinding mill in the world."
Carlos De Antonis , with the help of world-renowned producer, Kim Scharnberg. The album was recorded at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, California, and Glendwood Place Studios in Burbank, California.
Edmund Bergler Freud critic Max Scharnberg has given Bergler's writings as an example of what he sees as the transparent absurdity of much psychoanalytic work in his "The Non-Authentic Nature of Freud's Observations" (1993), writing that few present-day psychoanalysts would defend Bergler. Scharnberg disapprovingly notes Bergler's claim that all homosexuals "are subservient when confronted with a stronger person, merciless when in power, unscrupulous about trampling on a weaker person."
Jenaer Philharmonie In addition to the orchestra, the Philharmonic Choir (Philharmonischer Chor Jena), the Boys' Choir (Knabenchor der Jenaer Philharmonie), and the Jena Madrigal Choir (Jenaer Madrigalkreis) are parts of the Jenaer Philharmonie. The current "Intendant" of the orchestra is Bruno Scharnberg.
Waiting for the Moon (musical) The rest of the creative team for this production included Ron Melrose as music director, Kim Scharnberg as orchestrator, Rob Odorisio as scenic designer, Howell Binkley as lighting designer, Janine McCabe as costume designer, Nick Kourtides as sound designer, and Michael Clark credited with the projections design. The show was produced by Roy Miller and Vincent Marini, with Angelo del Rossi as consulting producer.
Rudolf (musical) Rudolf is a musical conceived for the stage by Frank Wildhorn and Steve Cuden, with a book by Jack Murphy and Phoebe Hwang, lyrics by Murphy, additional lyrics by Nan Knighton, and music by Frank Wildhorn. Arrangements by Koen Schoots and orchestrations by Kim Scharnberg. It is about Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria and his extramarital relationship with Baroness Mary Vetsera. Their 1889 deaths at his Mayerling hunting lodge apparently were the result of a murder-suicide pact, although historians have debated this explanation.
Camille Claudel (musical) The musical was presented in a "chamber-style" form; the cast was minimum, and they attempted to do the most they could with small scale sets. Orchestrations (by Kim Scharnberg) were also on a smaller scale. Instead of bringing in statues, they used dancers to perform, and many of the scenes were strictly dancing for the statues (sometimes accompanied by music). "The Waltz" was one of these. There were also many book-scenes/moments, more than a common Wildhorn musical. The creators have denounced calling this a "tragedy," but rather a celebration of the life of Camille.
Little Women (musical) The "Village Voice" reviewer noted "The show itself, similarly, seems lost in the drafty hugeness of the Virginia, where the often charming family scenes are dwarfed by the high proscenium arch (emphasized by the metal scaffolding that frames Derek McLane's otherwise attractive settings). The pity of it is that, between seizures, so much of Little Women's reality has been established. Allan Knee's script offers long passages of astutely condensed Alcott; Jason Howland's pleasant music, inventively orchestrated by Kim Scharnberg, pulls contemporary shapes out of period waltzes, polkas, and quadrilles, bumpily but gamely supported by Mindi Dickstein's uneven lyrics. And the cast, as always, offers many potential rescuers."