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Article Example
Scantraxx Scantraxx is a Dutch record label founded by Dov Elkabas in 2002. Scantraxx specializes in Hardstyle music, and is involved in hosting events such as Qlimax, and Defqon.1 Festival in cooperation with Q-dance. Famous Scantraxx artists include the founder of the label, The Prophet, Headhunterz and many more. Scantraxx has many sub labels, some of which are artist specific. Scantraxx Reloaded is a sublabel of Headhunterz, & Scantraxx Evolutionz specializes in releases by D-Block & S-te-Fan. M!D!FY is Brennan Heart's sublabel, and A² is the sublabel of the Alpha Twins & Ran-D.
Scantraxx Silver Nowadays Scantraxx Silver mainly focuses on releasing tracks from upcoming producers, such as Pherato and Devin Wild.
Scantraxx Reloaded Scantraxx Reloaded was a Dutch record label and sub label of Scantraxx Records. Scantraxx Reloaded was owned by Willem Rebergen (who released music through the label under the name Headhunterz), and specialized in releases by Headhunterz, Gostosa, Wildstylez and Project One.
Scantraxx Italy Scantraxx Italy is an Italian record label and a sublabel of Scantraxx records. It is owned by Davide Cardilli, who releases his music as Davide Sonar. It focuses on releases by Italian Scantraxx artists.
Scantraxx Evolutionz Scantraxx Evolutionz is a Dutch record label and sub label of Scantraxx Records. The label is owned by hardstyle duo D-Block & S-te-Fan, and they use the label to release their own music. Since the release of EVO 010 they switched the format from 12″ to digital releases.
Scantraxx Silver Scantraxx Silver is a Dutch record label and a sublabel of Scantraxx records. Scantraxx Silver hosts the artists A-Lusion, Bioweapon, and Scope DJ among others. Silver was founded in 2008, and is used to release various miscellaneous releases. Scantraxx Silver switched to a "Digital Only" method of distribution in the year 2010, and now releases songs exclusively to two weeks before they do to all other download portals.
Scantraxx Special Scantraxx Special is a sublabel of Dutch record label Scantraxx. Scantraxx Silver was one of the earlier Scantraxx sub-labels, founded it 2004. It focuses on hardstyle music like Scantraxx, and has releases by artists like DJ Duro, JDX, and Frontliner. Headhunterz made his debut on Scantraxx through Scantraxx Special with his release of "The Sacrifice".
Wasted Penguinz Two years after the group was founded, the Wasted Penguinz were signed to a major Dutch label, Scantraxx in the summer of 2010. Their first Scantraxx release was on June 18, 2010. This release contained two tracks, "I'm Free" and "Anxiety", and was released on Scantraxx Silver. Their second release on Scantraxx Silver was in October 2010, containing the tracks "Hate Mondayz" and "Resistance".
Wildstylez Joram Metekohy first started producing Hardstyle with Ruben Hooyer in 2004 under the alias 'Seizure'. Together they had multiple releases on label's such as Sys-X Records, Blutonium Records, Straighton Recordings and Scantraxx. In 2006 he was introduced to Scantraxx and began working on material with Alpha² that would eventually get a release on the Scantraxx sub label 'Paint it Black' under the name 'Outsiders'. In late 2007, having previously released on Scantraxx as 'Seizure', Joram Metekohy had his first solo release as Wildstylez, 'Life'z A Bitch / Missin', on the Scantraxx sub-label run by Headhunterz, Scantraxx Reloaded.
Rock Civilization Rock Civilization is a hardstyle track released on June 18, 2007 by Headhunterz through the Scantraxx sublabel Scantraxx Reloaded. It was featured on "The Best of Headhunterz".