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aprovechamiento    0.729424

restauracion    0.716436

panotla    0.697510

virtudes    0.696431

poblaciones    0.696384

descriptivo    0.693767

majagua    0.692410

pusieron    0.691957

villasviejas    0.690699

roubado    0.685095

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Adele (given name) Adele (also spelled Adèle, Adelle or Adle) Forms of different names but are used as equivalents: Fin, Alina, Aleteia, Alicia. The santoral says Delia is also a name equivalent, but its etymology is different: from the Greek Delos (Aegean island where the oracle of Apollo manifested). Means "manifesting"".
Fray Francisco Maldonado Fray Francisco Maldonado (1571 – c. 1640) was a Guatemalan Franciscan linguist and historian. Little is known of him, but he was a prolific writer and joined the Franciscan order in 1605. His ranch seems to have been a notable gathering place for scholars of the times in Mayan linguistics which people would stop off at. The "Ramillete manual para los indios sobre la doctrina cristiana" is a copy of an original manuscript written by Maldonado, containing important information about the customs of the Quiché peoples at the time of the Spanish invasion. In 1616, Maldonado dedicated his "Cakchiquel Explicado Fidei" to Varea and also authored "Santoral" in 1622.