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Sanbao Railway Station Sanpu Railway Station (error referred as Sanbao Railway Station) is a station of Jingbao Railway in Beijing.
Katsura Bunshi VI Sanshi has many deshi apprentices and all of them have been given stage names that have the "san" (number 3, 三), for example, Katsura SANpo, Katsura SANpu, Katsura SANpatsu, and so on.
Hanzhong The Wanli Emperor (r. 1572-1620) installed his fifth son, Zhu Changhao (), as king of Hanzhong. Changhao built a large, luxurious palace in what is now the Children's Park. The palace's Radiant Glass Wall () was demolished during road construction in 1935. Since then, a 13.6 m section has een rebuilt on the eastern end of Sanpu Street ().
Pukou, Liling The town is divided into 2 villages and 15 communities, the following areas: Daqiao Community, Guanshan Community, Baofeng Village, Sanpu Village, Lizhou Village, Tianfu Village, Rongping Village, Hequan Village, Shantang Village, Huajiao Village, Lengshui Village, Biquan Village, Guangu Village, Maoping Village, Xianshi Village, Dongfang Village, and Heshui Village.
Shogi strategy and tactics Additionally, the moved pawn also gives Black an option of dropping a dangling pawn on 2d, which cannot be immediately attacked by White. This joining–dangling pawn sequence corresponds to a shogi aphorism (将棋の格言 "shōgi no kakugen"): 三歩あったら、継ぎ歩とたれ歩 "sanpu attara tsugifu ni tarefu" "if you have three pawns, joining pawn and dangling pawn".
Guang Hua Digital Plaza Due to underground railroad construction in 1992, Guang Hua Market was moved to an underground location at the corner of Bade Road and Xinsheng South Road. By this time, the area became known for electronics, with many new stores opening, and the establishment of other electronic markets such as the International Electronics Market (國際電子廣場), Contemporary Life Market (現代生活廣場), and Sanpu Market (三普廣場).
Guangji Bridge (Chaozhou) When Han Yu, a famous poet in the history of China, came to Chaozhou, he always climbed the Bijia mountain(now called Han Mountain). At the top of it, he saw the river and knew the difficulty to cross the river, so he asked his niece Han Xiangzi and a monk Guangji to build to bridge. Han Xiangzi built the east bridge. He invited eight fairies(八仙)to help him. Han Xiangzi went to climb Fenghuang Mountain in Chaozhou himself for stones. He changed the stones into black pigs and chased them to the bridge. One the way, a woman recognized it and spoke the secret out, so the pigs (stones) could not walk any more. Therefore, several piers in the east were not built now. Guangji Monk invited eighteen arhats to help him build the bridge in the west. He went to Sanpu Mountain to take stones. He changed the stones into cattle and sheep and chased them back. On the way, he met an evil landlore who tried to stop him and get his cattles and sheep. Guangji monk lost some cattle there so there were a part of the bridge that were not built. He Xiangu, a female fairy, dropped a petal of lotus to the river and changed it into 18 boats connecting the bridge. Guangji monk threw out his cane and changed it into chains to connect the boats together. Therefore, in order to commemorate these figures, people also named it Xiangzi Bridge.