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sahabat    0.806888

sayang    0.799282

semua    0.797118

pandang    0.791183

sebuah    0.790167

cahaya    0.787347

harapan    0.787281

bahagia    0.787197

tetap    0.786788

jadi    0.782757

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Article Example
Gili Eco Trust These environmentally friendly wares have already been purchased and put into use by some of Gili T’s businesses including Trawangan Dive, Sama Sama, Manta Dive, Diversia, Gili Café, Villas Ottalia, Gili Ecovillas, Broken Compass Hostel, Gili Hostel and the Yoga place.
Zubir Said Zubir is primarily remembered for composing Singapore's national anthem, ""Majulah Singapura"" ("Onward Singapore"). The Malay lyrics exhort Singaporeans to "progress towards happiness together" (""Sama-sama menuju bahagia"") so that their "noble aspiration[s] bring Singapore success" (""Cita-cita kita yang mulia / Berjaya Singapura""), and to "unite in a new spirit" (""Marilah kita bersatu / Dengan semangat yang baru"").
Gili Eco Trust Discarded bottles were used as bricks to create a Smirnoff Ice bottle wall next to Intan Inn Hostel and within Sama Sama bungalows. Plastic waste of different colors was stored within the bottles, thus creating patterns in the wall, and offering a more environmentally friendly solution to plastic waste than burning or dumping it.
Clarion Alley Mural Project In 2003, CAMP collaborated with Apotik Komik, an artists collective in Indonesia, and Intersection for the Arts to organize and present the project "Sama-sama/Together", an international collaboration and exchange between community arts organizations and artists from San Francisco (U.S.A.) and Yogyakarta (Indonesia). The project was designed to foster understanding of recent world events and Muslim and non-Muslim cultures between the two communities through the creation of new works, as well as through cross-cultural dialogue between participating artists and the public at large. "Sama-sama/Together" artists included: Aaron Noble, Alicia McCarthy, Andrew Schoultz, Carolyn Castaño, Ryder Cooley, and Megan Wilson from CAMP and Arie Dyanto, Arya Panjalu, Nano Warsono, and Samuel Indratama from Apotik Komik.
Romblon Provincial Federation of the Sangguniang Kabataan As support to the National SK Federation's green program which was launched last 1 April 2009, with the theme ""Sama-sama para sa Kalikasan"", and as conclusion to the 2009 Provincial SK Congress, the Romblon Provincial Federation, in cooperation with Odiongan's Municipal Environment and Natural Resources Officer and barangay Canduyong officials, launched its first provincial environmental program, the 2009 Romblon PFSK Mangrove Planting Activity on 22 May 2009 at Barangay Canduyong, Odiongan, Romblon.
Majulah Singapura Zubir Said modified the song from there, as requested by Toh Chin Chye, by removing 8 bars starting from ""Bangun dengan bersatu sama-sama"..." to "..."kerja sama menuju bahagia!"" in order to bring forward the emphasis of the 8th line ""Berjaya Singapura!"". The move was also seen as making the anthem more neutral as the eight bars also contained subtle motives brought from Malay musical elements.
Nicole Fujita In 2012, Fujita won the 13th Nicola Model Audition, then became an exclusive model for that magazine. She switched the magazine to "Popteen" from July 2014 issue. In April 2015, she was appointed as a fashion reporter for the news magazine show Mezamashi TV. In July 2016, she will make her drama debut in the Fuji Television's spin-off drama "Suki na Hito ga Irukoto: Sama Sama Kyun Kyun Daisakusen" and play the lead role.
Commonwealth High School It's colorful history began on July 14, 1986 when the first and only secondary school in Barangay Commonwealth was inaugurated. It was a dream-come-true for the members of Sama-sama, a non-government organization based in Commonwealth and Fr. Joel Tabora, then Parish priest of Kristong Hari Chapel. Classes were held in improvised room or cubicles in the chapel with student population of over 800.
Prem Pinda Prem Pinda, is an adaptation of popular play by Balkrishna Sama. Sama was considered as ‘Shakespeare’ of Nepal with his evergreen plays like “Mutuko Byatha,” “Mukunda Indira,” “Bhater,” “Birami Ra Kuruwa,” “Boksi,” and “Andhabeg”. The movie was depiction of eternal love. The evergreen music by Sanbhujeet Baskota with some songs rendered by Asha Bhosle (Gairi Khet Ko) & Abhijeet (Ke Bhanu) propelled it to classic of Nepali Cinema.
Commonwealth High School As enrollment continued to daramatically rise, finding new site for San Francisco High School-Commonwealth HS Annex (as it was then called) had become the quest for Ms. Flor Sandoval, the first head-teacher-in-charge, Fr. Tabora, and Sama-sama Organization. Then on June 20, 1991, SFHS-Commonwealth Annex was finally granted its wish and was moved to a 1.7 hectare lot located along Ecols St., Commonwealth Quezon City. During the term of Dr. Josefina Perlado, then principal, through her initiative, the school gained independence from its mother school and finally named Commonwealth High School