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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for saga

Article Example
Saga, Saga On October 1, 2005, Saga absorbed the towns of Fuji, Morodomi and Yamato (all from Saga District) and the village of Mitsuse (from Kanzaki District) to create the new and expanded city of Saga. With this creation, the city now neighbors the city of Fukuoka (in Fukuoka Prefecture).
Saga, Saga Saga Castle (Also called the Saga Castle Historical Museum) is the largest reconstruction of a wooden building in Japan, with a total floor space of 2500 square meters and the historical atmosphere of the Saga Castle main keep.
Saga, Saga Saga has a humid subtropical climate (Köppen climate classification "Cfa").The annual average precipitation ranges from about 1800 mm (71 in) in the city center to about 2400 mm (94 in) in Mitsuse. The annual average temperature ranges from about 13 °C (55 °F) in Mitsuse to 17 °C (63 °F) in the city center.
Saga, Saga Kakurintei Tea House located in the grounds of Kono Koen is a very quaint and picturesque Japanese tea house overlooking a pond.
Saga, Saga On October 1, 2007 the towns of Higashiyoka, Kawasoe, and Kubota (all from Saga District) were also incorporated into Saga, further expanding its borders.
Saga, Saga Although Saga is the capital of Saga Prefecture, it can also be said to be within the Greater Fukuoka metropolitan area, and by extension, Fukuoka-Kitakyushu Metropolitan Area.
Saga, Saga There is one airport inside the city of Saga, Saga Airport, located in the former town of Kawasoe. Before the opening of Saga Airport, Fukuoka Airport was the nearest airport. However, many people in Saga still use Fukuoka Airport due its greater number of routes and flights offered. There is an express bus which connects the two airports.
Saga, Saga Saga was the capital of Saga Domain in the Edo period, and largest city of former Hizen Province.
Saga, Saga As of November 1, 2016, the city has an estimated population of 234,709 and a population density of 543 persons per km². The total area is 431.84 km².
Saga, Saga Standing out from many cultural assets is the plains castle within the city, Saga Castle. It is one of the rare castles in Japan surrounded by a wall rather than built on one. First built between 1591 and 1593, there was a fire in 1726. Renovated in 1728, there was yet another fire in 1835. Nabeshima Naomasa daimyo of the Nabeshima clan renovated it within two years and moved in. In 1874 it was a court building and a prefectural office. 1883 saw it become a junior school. The buildings were eventually replaced by modern school buildings.