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Saaleck Castle In 1922, two of the assassins of Walter Rathenau were spotted at the castle, whose owner was himself a secret member of the Organisation Consul. On July 17, they were confronted by two police detectives. While waiting for reinforcements during the stand-off one of the detectives fired at a window, unknowingly killing Kern by a bullet in the head. Fischer then took his own life. The Nazis erected a memorial plate to them at the castle in July 1933.
Saaleck Castle The castle lies on a roof-shaped, west-facing muschelkalk ridge immediately south of the village of Saaleck, at a height of about 172 metres above sea level and is just under 23 metres high. The characteristic picture of the castle is dominated by its two bergfrieds, which have wall thicknesses of about 2 metres and are visible from a long way off. In the masonry of the west tower is a medieval garderobe and a stove that indicate where the residential level was. The centre of the castle was once surrounded by inner and outer defensive walls. By the inner wall are the remains of several domestic buildings. On the two narrow sides of the surrounding terrace were moats with ramparts in front of it. On the east side of the hill spur facing Rudelsburg there are more neck ditches, again guarded by ramparts.
Saaleck Castle Comparable castles with two round bergfrieds are Münzenberg, Hohandlau, Botenlaube and Thurant.
Saaleck Castle Saaleck Castle () lies only a few hundred metres from another castle, the Rudelsburg, further upstream on the Saale above Bad Kösen in the village of in the district of Burgenlandkreis in Saxony-Anhalt. The hill castle adjoins the village that gave it its name to the south. The castle is now just a ruin and a popular tourist attraction. It is part of the designated tourist route "Straße der Romanik" ("Romanesque Road").
Fuchsstadt Local attractions include the Trimburg, the palace of Saaleck, and the ruins of Botenlauben.