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kumyks    0.883037

dargins    0.876283

lezgins    0.863735

tsakhurs    0.859961

kumyk    0.848670

karakalpaks    0.845491

mordvins    0.843846

udmurts    0.841137

tabasaran    0.835440

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Rutul language Rutul belongs to the Lezgic group of the Northeast Caucasian language family. The Rutuls call their language mîchjabišdî ċel.
Dagestan The ethnicities represented in the State Council are Avars, Dargins, Kumyks, Lezgins, Laks, Azerbaijanis, Tabasarans, Russians, Chechens, Nogais, Aguls, Rutuls, Tsakhurs and Tats.
Rutul people Rutuls, Rutulians (, ) are an ethnic group in Dagestan, a republic in the south of Russia, and some parts of Azerbaijan. According to the 2010 Russian Census, there were 35,240 Rutuls in Russia. In 1989 Soviet Census in Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan SSR then) there were 336 Rutuls. The Rutul language is a member of the Northeast Caucasian language family; its speakers often have a good command of Azeri and Russian, as Rutul was not a written language until 1990. The Rutul culture is close to that of the Tsakhur and other peoples who inhabit the basin of the upper reaches of the Samur River. Most of the Rutuls are engaged in cattle breeding (mostly sheep husbandry), farming, and gardening.
Gazikumukh Khanate In 1877 Jafar-khan was elected the ruler of an independent Gazi-Kumukh who assembled the army of Laks, Aguls, Lezgins, Tabasarans, Rutuls, Avars and decided to capture Derbent but before reaching it learned of a defeat in Levashi and other strongholds. Jafar-khan turned off the Derbent road and headed to Kaitag.
Tabasaran Principality The population of the principality was mainly composed of Tabasarans and Lezgins, and minor Caucasian tribes such as Tsakhurs, Rutuls and Aguls. The state was governed by two sovereigns, one of which was called Qadi, the other Maisum. It could mobilize an army of 500 cavalrymen.