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kageyo    0.838022

bkeftine    0.834006

nyamiyaga    0.818924

bsarma    0.814102

murama    0.811305

kfarsaroun    0.810583

mugano    0.809015

nyagisozi    0.804279

hrajel    0.803392

kodralija    0.798550

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for rugarama

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Burera District Burera district is divided into 17 sectors ("imirenge"): Bungwe, Butaro, Cyanika, Cyeru, Gahunga, Gatebe, Gitovu, Kagogo, Kinoni, Kinyababa, Kivuye, Nemba, Rugarama, Rugendabari, Ruhunde, Rusarabuye and Rwerere.
Gatsibo District Gatsibo district is divided into 14 sectors ("imirenge"): Gasange, Gatsibo, Gitoki, Kabarore, Kageyo, Kiramuruzi, Kiziguro, Muhura, Murambi, Ngarama, Nyagihanga, Remera, Rugarama and Rwimbogo.
Busega Busega was the location of the first recorded killing of young Christians Makko Kakumba, Yusuf Rugarama, and Nuwa Sserwanga, all of them belonging to the Anglican faith. They were dismembered and burned on 31 January 1885 on the orders of Mwanga II of Buganda the Kabaka of Buganda.
Escape from Uganda The film's cast also included a few actors from Uganda thanks to Xtrim Casting and Casting Director, Wilber Rugarama. Anita Kyalimpa, first runner up of Miss Uganda 2013, made her acting debut in the film as the murdered daughter of a city mayor, who was played by Ebonies’ John Bagenda while veteran Ugawood actor, Micheal Wawuyo, played the head of military intelligence. Actor and police officer, Wilberforce Mutete, played his day job role in the film too. Brenda Nanyonjo, Miss Uganda organiser and Tricksters star, Carlos Ombonya, were also part of the cast.
Uganda Martyrs Kabaka Mwanga II succeeded to the throne in 1884. He was concerned at the growing influence of Christianity and the rise of a new class of officials, distinct from the traditional territorial chiefs, who were educated, had a religious orientation, and wished to reform Ganda society. The German annexation of what is now Tanzania sparked further alarm. A year after becoming king he ordered the execution of Yusufu Rugarama, Makko Kakumba, and Nuwa/Noah Serwanga, who had converted to Christianity. Encouraged by his prime minister, on 29 October 1885 he had the incoming Anglican bishop James Hannington assassinated on the eastern border of his kingdom. This is often taken to be the thoughtless action of a 19-year-old king, but, according to Ward, can also be interpreted as justifiable action intended to ward off any invasion. Nevertheless, Mwanga did go on to appoint several Christians to important military positions.
Mwanga II of Buganda Mwanga came to the throne at the age of 16. He increasingly regarded the greatest threat to his rule coming from the Christian missionaries who had gradually penetrated Buganda. His father had played-off the three religions, Catholics, Protestants and Muslims, against each other and thus balanced the influence of the European colonial powers that were backing each group in order to extend their reach into Africa. Mwanga II took a much more aggressive approach, expelling missionaries and insisting that Christian converts abandon their faith or face death. A year after becoming king he executed Yusufu Rugarama, Makko Kakumba, and Nuuwa Sserwanga, who had converted to Christianity. On October 29, 1885, he had the incoming archbishop James Hannington assassinated on the eastern border of his kingdom.