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eldii    0.895618

schomburgki    0.872266

boselaphus    0.846792

cervicapra    0.839756

bezoarticus    0.838448

duvauceli    0.835474

capricornis    0.834122

muntiacus    0.833461

ozotoceros    0.832285

pseudoryx    0.823516

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Rucervus Rucervus is a genus of deer from India, Nepal, Indochina, and the Chinese island of Hainan. They are threatened by habitat loss and hunting, and one species has already gone extinct.
Rucervus Following the third edition of "Mammal Species of the World" from 2005, three species are placed in "Rucervus", but the Eld's deer should be split into two species.
Rucervus Furthermore, it has also been suggested that the Eld's deer should have its own genus, "Panolia", and is closer to Père David's deer.
Rucervus They were previously thought to be members of the genus "Cervus", but were moved to "Rucervus" based mainly on morphological differences. Based on genetic evidence, the Eld's deer should be moved back to "Cervus", while the two last species remain in "Rucervus" or –less likely– could be moved to "Axis".
Cervus Until the 1970s, "Cervus" also included the members of the genera "Axis", "Dama", "Elaphurus" and "Hyelaphus", and until the late 1980s, it included members of "Przewalskium", "Rucervus" and "Rusa". With the exception of the chital ("Axis axis"), barasinga ("Rucervus duvaucelii"), Schomburgk's deer ("R. schomburgki"), and members of the genus "Dama", genetic evidence suggests all should be returned to "Cervus".