Top 10 similar words or synonyms for roughstate

frequencerz    0.715857

headhunterz    0.665013

punkz    0.660550

zatox    0.655541

wildstylez    0.654218

bassjackers    0.652043

twoloud    0.645043

kaos    0.643186

rudeboy    0.639211

adaro    0.636664

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for roughstate

Article Example
Ran-D Ran-D has been active in hardstyle music since 2002, when he released his first track “D-Pression” on Special Records. Since then, Ran-D has released his music on A2 Records, a sub-label of Scantraxx Recordz. In March 2015, alongside Frequencerz, Adaro and B-Front, Ran-D founded a new hardstyle record label, “Roughstate Music”.
Adaro (DJ) Thijs Ploegmakers (born 1980), performing as Adaro, is a Dutch DJ. He produced several electronic music styles, however in 2008, he began producing hardstyle with Ran-D which resulted in their first release on A2 Records "My Name Is Hardstyle." Adaro continued releasing his music on A2 Records until 2014. In March, 2015, alongside Ran-D, B-Front and Frequencerz, Adaro is one of the founders of hardstyle record label "Roughstate Music".