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hinterer    0.838757

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hochtaunuskreis    0.828342

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Langenberg (Rothaar) The Burbecke stream emerges west of the Langenberg and the Raken on its northern flank, both within the catchment area of the Gierskoppbach. The Langenberg is passed to the east in a south-north direction by the upper reaches of the Hoppecke, into which a small brook runs that comes out of a valley - "Der Keller" ("The Cellar") - on the southeast side of the mountain. South of the Langenberg are the crosstracks known as the "Oberer Burbecker Platz" and "Unterer Burbecker Platz". A section of the long-distance footpath known as the Rothaarsteig runs by the summit to the west in a north-south direction, passing a historic boundary stone.
Rothaar Mountains Among the best known (but not necessarily the highest) of the Rothaar's peaks, which consist partly of porphyry, are (including all ""Achthunderter"", or "eight-hundreders", sorted by height):
Langenberg (Rothaar) The Langenberg’s neighbouring peaks include the Hoppernkopf () to the north, the Mittelsberg () to the east, the Hegekopf () to the east-southeast, the Hopperkopf () to the southeast, the Clemensberg () to the south-southwest and "Auf dem Sternrodt" () to the west.
Langenberg (Rothaar) There few trees on the Langenberg's rounded summit itself and it widens out into a mountain heathland to the east; the rest of the mountain is, however, thickly forested.
Rothaar Mountains The Rothaar Mountains (, also "Rotlagergebirge"), or Rothaar, is a low mountain range reaching heights of up to 843.1 m in North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse, Germany.
Rothaar Mountains The club Taurus Naturentwicklung e. V. in cooperation with the "Wittgenstein-Berleburg'sche Rentkammer" and the internationally active Large Herbivore Foundation (LHF), and with the involvement of the Hochsauerland biological station, is preparing to reintroduce free-ranging wisents into the Rothaar Mountains (Sauerland, North Rhine-Westphalia). The project is, however, not without its controversy in the region, with cultivators in particular worrying about possible damage that the creatures might do.
Bremberg (Rothaar) The Bremberg is a mountain, high, in the Rothaargebirge range in the district of Hochsauerland, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
Langenberg (Rothaar) About 15 m south-southeast of the Langenberg summit, shown on the German Topographical Map ("Deutsche Grundkarte") as being , and about 20 m southwest of the aforementioned state border, there is a triangulation station of the German Primary Triangulation Network at a height of (i.e. 10 cm lower).
Langenberg (Rothaar) Erroneously, the Kahler Asten near Winterberg is often cited as the highest mountain in the region. This is only , but is much better known than the Langenberg due to its weather station and because its mountaintop restaurant in the "Astenturm" and its high observation tower are popular local destinations.
Rothaar Mountains Within or on the outskirts of the Rothaar are found the "Panorama-Park Sauerland" and "Fort Fun Abenteuerland" amusement parks.