Top 10 similar words or synonyms for rootedness

selfhood    0.713269

inwardness    0.694906

otherness    0.694144

yearnings    0.685220

wholeness    0.672334

strivings    0.666869

impermanence    0.658568

timelessness    0.657006

salvific    0.647291

soteriological    0.644828

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for rootedness

Article Example
Géza Róheim His theory of culture stressed its rootedness in the long period of juvenile dependence in humans, which allowed for the possibility of exploration and play.
Angry River Meena Khorana in her study of Ruskin Bond's life and works cites "Angry River" as an example of his works' rootedness in the culture and traditions of India.
The Need for Roots The gulf between high culture from the mass of the people that has been widening since the renaissance is another factor contributing to up rootedness.
Idris Azad He elucidated socio-biological evolution. He expands the idea of Indian philosopher Sir Muhammad Iqbal that every living organism on Earth is tightly attached to it and it needs an anti-gravitational force to get rid of Earth-rootedness. He calls this freedom from Earth-Rootedness. He asserts that, being nearer the Earth degrades the value of life. He also asserts that socio-biologically, there are four classes of animals.
Sense of community Factor analysis of their urban neighborhoods questionnaire yielded two distinct factors which Riger and Lavrakas (1981) characterized as "social bonding" and "physical rootedness", very similar to the two dimensions proposed by Gusfield.
Baños del Caballel The proximity of the square and the mosque, the abundance of water in the area and the rootedness of the baths among the Muslims make the environment of the plaza de las Fuentes a place full of lavatories and bathrooms.
B-Boy Park Author Ian Condry notes that the festival is extremely important to a hip hop scene that many doubted could even exist: “Up until the mid-nineties, people who worked in the entertainment world pointed to hip hop’s rootedness in African American communities as a reason to doubt its possible takeoff in Japan, where different understandings of race, language, and social class prevail.”
Grassroots democracy The difference between the three systems comes down to where they rest on two different axes: the rootedness in a community (grassroots versus national or international); and the ability of all individuals to participate in the shared decision-making process (participatory versus representative.)
Canadian Museum for Human Rights Antoine Predock's inspiration for the CMHR came from the natural scenery and open spaces in Canada, including trees, ice, northern lights, First Nations peoples in Canada, and the rootedness of human rights action. He describes the CMHR in the following way:
Sumud Sliman Mansour, a Palestinian artist, has produced images that "gave visual form to the newly formulated ideology of Sumud," which Gannit Ankori describes as "a firm rootedness in the land, regardless of the hardships and humiliation caused by occupation." Among the examples of Mansour's work that are cited by Ankori are two oils on canvass, "Olive-picking" (1987) and "Olive-picking Triptych" (1989).