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sestrese    0.927042

bagnolese    0.909413

mestrina    0.905059

scafatese    0.887633

maceratese    0.880204

sestese    0.879392

cormonese    0.878181

manzanese    0.874536

anconitana    0.870223

derthona    0.865246

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Article Example
U.S.D. Rivarolese 1906 Rivarolese was promoted from Regional Eccellenza league in 2005/2006, after having won its round. In 2009 it was merged with Chieri of Piedmont (which finished 13th in 2008–09 Eccellenza Piedmont A) and transferred to Chieri.
U.S.D. Rivarolese 1906 The side is not to be confused with another "Rivarolese", which played in the Italian Championship first league between the first and second World Wars: that team was based in Rivarolo Ligure, a suburb of Genoa.
U.S.D. Rivarolese 1906 Unione Sportiva Dilettantistica Rivarolese 1906 was an Italian association football club located in Rivarolo Canavese, Piedmont. It last played in Serie D. Its colors were maroon, white and black, and it was founded in 1906.
1920–21 Italian Football Championship Rivarolese and Sestrese were admitted to the "1a Categoria".
U.C. Sampdoria 15 July 1937 saw Sampierdarenese, melting itself with Corniglianese and Rivarolese with the club using the name Associazione Liguria Calcio; this saw them reach fifth place in Serie A during 1939. In the early 1940s, the club was relegated, but bounced straight back up as Serie B champions in 1941.