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Fritz Ritterbusch In November 2002, his trial was revisited by the Main Military State's Attorney of Russia and the sentence was confirmed.
Fritz Ritterbusch Fritz Ritterbusch (January 11, 1894 – May 14, 1946) was an SS-Obersturmführer, a member of the crew of the Hinzert concentration camp, Lublin and Gross-Rosen and others. He was a commander of the Trautenau-Parschnitz camp.
Fritz Ritterbusch He participated in World War I, serving in the 153rd and 264th Infantry Regiment. He was a member of the Sturmabteilung, NSDAP on January 25, 1925 (Member No. 6,317) and SS from 1931 (Registration No. 9,107). From early 1940 to January 30, 1941 he held an unspecified role in the Division IV camp Flossenbürg KL, where then was transferred to the post of commander of one of the camp guard companies. The camp moved to the headquarters staff of Hinzert concentration camp, where he was adjutant to the commandant of the camp, Paul Sporrenberg. On June 18, 1943 he moved to KL Lublin. In March 1944, he was moved to KL Gross-Rosen where from May 1944 to February 13, 1945 he was company commander and the head of sub Parschnitz in Pozici and AL Trautenau in Trutnov in the Czech Republic. 30 January 1945 he was carried to Hauptsturmführer
Fritz Ritterbusch He was born in Zschakau (now Beilrode) near Torgau, Germany , a professional civil servant. His father Hermann Ritterbusch was a brickworks master from Zschakau. His brother Paul Ritterbusch was a NS-science functionary, his brother Willi Ritterbusch was general commissioner of the Netherlands 1943-1945.
Fritz Ritterbusch He was arrested by Soviet forces on January 1, 1946. On March 25, 1946 he was sentenced to death by a Soviet Military Tribunal, a special form of a court-martial. On May 14, 1946, Ritterbusch was executed at an unknown place.
Sport Literature Association 2005 – Dale Ritterbusch, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater;
Advanced Functional Materials The current editor-in-chief is Joern Ritterbusch; David Flanagan was previously the editor-in-chief.
Fritz Schmidt (Generalkommissar) Schmidt died on June 26, 1943, after he "fell, jumped, or was pushed out, of a train" and was succeeded by Wilhelm Ritterbusch. Schmidt was born in Westphalia.
Bob Cousy Cousy married his college sweetheart, Missie Ritterbusch, in December 1950, six months after he graduated from Holy Cross. They lived in Worcester, Massachusetts, and had two daughters, Missie died on September 20, 2013, after suffering from dementia for several years.
Robert Ridgely Robert Ridgely (born Robert Ritterbusch; December 24, 1931 – February 8, 1997) was an American actor and vocal artist, known for both on-camera roles and extensive voice-over work.