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Darryl Richley An appeals court commuted Ray Orndorff's sentence to life without parole. None of the other three received a commuted sentence. The U.S. Supreme Court rejected arguments they were treated like "hogs at a slaughter". It was the nation's first triple execution in 32 years.
Darryl Richley Darryl V. Richley (April 21, 1951 - August 3, 1994) was executed at the age of 45 for the March 25, 1981 murder of Don Lehman. Hoyt Clines and James William Holmes were also executed on the same day for the murder of Lehman.
Darryl Richley Lehman, his wife Virginia, and their daughter Vicki were at their home when four men wearing ski masks rang the doorbell and forced their way inside. Lehman was shot three times and severely beaten with a motorcycle drive chain in front of his family. More than $1,000 and several guns were stolen, according to court documents. A few days after the murder, Holmes, Richley, Clines, and Ray Orndorff were arrested. They were convicted for the murder and sentenced to death.
Darryl Richley Richley was the 8th person executed by the state of Arkansas since "Furman v. Georgia", , after new capital punishment laws were passed in Arkansas and that came into force on March 23, 1973.
Len Richley Lionel "Len" Richley (2 July 1924 – after 1970) was an English footballer who made 72 appearances in the Football League playing as a wing half for Hartlepools United in the 1950s. He went on to manage non-league clubs Holbeach United and King's Lynn and league clubs Rochdale and Darlington.