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rhesus_monkeys    0.810143

rhesus_macaque    0.808038

macaques    0.805363

macaca_mulatta    0.805226

western_lowland_gorillas    0.777640

squirrel_monkeys    0.774376

vervet_monkeys    0.771608

macaque_monkeys    0.770242

zebra_finches    0.758539

nonhuman_primates    0.755986

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Cognitive genomics Rhesus macaques ("Macaca mulatta") exhibit a 93% genetic similarity to humans approximately. They are often used as an out-group in human/chimpanzee genomic studies. Humans and rhesus macaques shared a common ancestor an estimated 25 million years ago.
Nef (protein) A "nef"-deleted virus vaccine has not been tried in humans although was successfully tested in rhesus macaques.
Brain atlas Besides the human brain, brain atlases exist for the brains of the mouse, rhesus macaques, Drosophila and others.
Theory of mind in animals In one approach testing monkeys, rhesus macaques ("Macaca mulatta") are able to "steal" a contested grape from one of two human competitors. In six experiments, the macaques selectively stole the grape from a human who was incapable of seeing the grape, rather than from the human who was visually aware. The authors suggest that rhesus macaques possess an essential component of ToM: the ability to deduce what others perceive on the basis of where they are looking. Similarly, free ranging rhesus macaques preferentially choose to steal food items from locations where they can be less easily observed by humans, or where they will make less noise.
Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve Large mammal species include tigers, leopard, wild boar, gaur ("Bos gaurus"), chital deer ("Axis axis")s, muntjac deers, sambar deer ("Cervus unicolor")s, and rhesus macaques.